Counterfloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal which appears to be another animal.

In use: “Sometimes at night, counterfloofs — skunks which resembled their big black and white cat — caused confusion and consternation, although calamity was ultimately avoided.”

2. Animal, especially pets, who like to sit on kitchen, restaurant, or bar counters.

In use: “The bird was the worse counterfloof, but seeing the bird on the counter always made the cat think it was okay for her to be a counterfloof, too, which always upset the dog and provoked a barkstorm, because he knew it wasn’t okay for them to be counterfloofs and he hated it when the cat flouted the rules.”

3. Actions taken to mitigate animal influence or divert animal attention or activity.

In use: “Often, as a counterfloof, he surrendered to giving his pets treats so they’d be unaware that the carrier was being prepared to take them to the vet.”

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