Another DIY Success

We have a single handle Moen faucet. We bought the house new back in 2006. This week, the handle began going wonky on us. It was growing stiffer to turn and then added a squeaking noise. A little net sleuthing and I identified our model, homed in on the problem, found a step-by-step video, and ordered the “Moen 93980 Replacement Handle Mechanism Kit for One-Handle Kitchen Faucet Repairs” kit from Amazon for just less than $23. It was supposed to arrive Monday but came today.

I’m not a DIYer by nature. Poor mechanical skills, you know? Other than fixing cars and computers (and painting the house rooms), I have little to no DIY experience except what I’ve gleaned from learning how do to things in this house. That includes installing a new central vac unit to replace the dead unit a decade ago, swapping out control modules on the air conditioner about four years ago, replacing the garbage disposal a few years ago, fixing the microwave a few months ago, and then replacing the master sink drain stem in December. I don’t think I could have done any of these things except for the first two without the net. For the air conditioner repair, the repair guy showed me how he fixed it a few years before. I took notes so that when the time came, because he warned me that it would fail, and it was a common, recurring failure, I knew what to do. For the central vac unit, it was straightforward as replacing a car battery. So I watched the Moen repair video again, sucked in a deep breath, and went at it.

Success! I’ll drink to that. The question is, coffee, beer, or wine?


Counterfloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal which appears to be another animal.

In use: “Sometimes at night, counterfloofs — skunks which resembled their big black and white cat — caused confusion and consternation, although calamity was ultimately avoided.”

2. Animal, especially pets, who like to sit on kitchen, restaurant, or bar counters.

In use: “The bird was the worse counterfloof, but seeing the bird on the counter always made the cat think it was okay for her to be a counterfloof, too, which always upset the dog and provoked a barkstorm, because he knew it wasn’t okay for them to be counterfloofs and he hated it when the cat flouted the rules.”

3. Actions taken to mitigate animal influence or divert animal attention or activity.

In use: “Often, as a counterfloof, he surrendered to giving his pets treats so they’d be unaware that the carrier was being prepared to take them to the vet.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunday exploded upon the town without warning. Cries rose as people realized with horror that, OMG, it’s Sunday and tomorrow is Monday, and the end of February is growing nigh.

More closely related to reality, the sun rose pretty much as it always does, at 7 AM, and will set at 5:50 PM. It’s 46 degrees F under a sky that looks indecisive about what the weather will be. Maybe there will be rain, or perhaps those clouds will break apart and let the sun in. The quasi-omnipresent weather folks don’t think it’s going to get much warmer than this. Fifty will be a stretch.

Alexa informed us that there’s a weather advisory for Ashland. She gave start and stop times. “What’s the weather advisory for?” we asked her. She said something like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Really, what’s the point of telling us one is out there if you can’t tell us what it’s for? We had to go all the way to the other room, maybe twenty-two steps as the Fitbit counts ’em, and look it up on the computer. “Barbaric,” I mumbled to my wife. “Truly,” she agreed. I think she may have rolled her eyes.

By the way, today is February 20, 2022. 02022022. Means something in binary. Means too that I need to do our income taxes. Usually have them done by now and submitted. I’m being a sluggard this year.

The morning mental music stream is heavy with sound today. Most of it is CSN&Y, Alice Cooper, and show tunes. I’m going with a video I saw on FB yesterday of CSN&Y with Tom Jones performing “Long Time Gone” on Tom Jones’ TV show in 1968. For one, I remember watching this show as a child. More, I was taken by the intensity of the performance. These guys were having a good time, and that’s always fun to see.

Here’s the music. Hope you enjoy it. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boost when you can. I’m getting coffee now. Second cup. Yeah, you heard me. Cheers

The Bike Dream

Young again, my wife and I were visiting a town. Resplendent with cobblestones and old stone buildings, but in a warm environment by a large body of water, it seemed like this we were somewhere in southern Europe by the Mediterranean. A fair or festival was getting underway. Entertainment and food booths had been set up. It was briskly busy, in a pleasant way, with people enjoying themselves and one another but not so many people that moving around was difficult.

I went into a business, to a counter to make reservations for three couples. Entering, I had to follow a path prescribed by a red velvet rope, as used in theaters, and go through several checkpoints. I was a little confused about what I was doing and why, calling out to clarify and confirm it with my wife. But, yes, I was reserving three hotel rooms for six people. While this was going on, people were asking me to watch out for something I was carrying on my back. I never saw this thing in the dream but knew it was a large piece of art. The man behind the counter warned me (but in a friendly way) to watch that I didn’t break anything as I moved around, as they had glasswork hanging from the ceiling. There was much joking about all of this.

Back outside, my wife mentioned that friends said they’d been successful just getting two and a half rooms. That made no sense to me, so I asked her to repeat it. We went through this three times. As this happened, we were holding hands and walking up a hill on a cobblestone street. A man with a red bike joined us. A stranger, he was somewhat famous, and very good looking, with fine, Latina features. His English was accented but he spoke it well. He was walking his bicycle up the hill as he spoke with us, but then got on it and rode straight up the hill. As the hill was steadily steeper, his riding was impressive, especially when he did a wheelie and went up half the hill on only his back wheel. As he reached the top, my wife and I turned around to walk back down. We were talking and sightseeing while all this was transpiring.

The guy with the bike dismounted from it as he reached us and started walking his bike again, but he didn’t speak with us. He veered off, staying in parallel, and then released his bike. To our amazement, the bike stayed upright and wheeled ahead, but stayed with the guy, like the bike was a well-trained pet. His bike was red before but now it was black, puzzling me. Had I seen it wrong before, or did he change bikes?

Then, though, the man started slowing down to look at things. As he did, the bike sped up. I pointed this out to my wife; the man was paying no attention to his bike. We watched in astonishment as it went straight down the hill, crossed the busy street, and then stopped and stood still and upright in the sunshine.

Dream end.

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