Wednesday’s Theme Music

We’ve begun another Wednesday, the eighth one of 2022. Today is Feb 23, 2022. The night began retreating a few hours before the sun’s appearance at 6:56 AM. The sun’s arrival over the mountains hastened the change.

Did raise temperatures some. Was at 18 F and now it’s 33 F. We’ll get to 44 F before the sun leaves our sky at 5:53 PM and night rushes in again. Patches of snow remain on the ground.

‘Conversations’ with friends via email are about Russia and the Ukraine, COVID-19 and its variants, masks, restrictions, vaccinations, and history. Fill in the blanks. I imagine the same conversations going on around the world.

I have “Long Tall Sally” rattling around the morning mental music stream this morning. A friend is laid up after shoulder surgery replacement. His family is away. He’s jonesing for company and invited our beer group over. We’re all double-vaxxed and have followed precautions so it’s a plan. We’ll pick up beer and meet at his house. I have the Beatles’ version of LTS in the mental stream. I heard it most frequently as a child although I have familiarity of several versions I enjoy, including Little Richard’s original offering. I mean, the others are basically imitating Little Richard. The connection with seeing friends and having a beer with them is the refrain, “We’re gonna have some fun tonight.”

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosts when you can. I’m off for coffee. Cheers

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