Floofsnake (floofinition) – British hard floof rock (flock) band formed in 1978, who had a string of commercially successful albums.

In use: “Songs like “Here I Bark Again” and “Is This Food” became hits for Whitefloof, establishing them as a major flock band in the 1980s.”


Synofloof (floofinition) – Other terms for an animal’s species, usually playing off their behavior or appearance.

In use: “Jamaal intoned, “Here comes Lord Floof,” indicating the little confident black kitten that walked into the room, using the synofloof that meant the kitten, named Kap, was already king of the house. Indeed, the dogs were already drawing back to make way for the fierce little feline.”

Floof Company

Floof Company (floofinition) – English hard floof rock (flock) supergroup. Formed in 1973, they were active and successful for several decades.

In use: “Floof Company’s first hit, “Can’t Get Enough (of Your Pets)”, is probably it’s best known song, and featured the band’s signature sound.”

Five Floof Electrical Band

Five Floof Electrical Band (floofinition) – Sometimes referred to as Five Floof as a nickname, the floof rock (flock) band was formed in Canada in 1969, and were active from 1969 to 1975.

In use: “Although the Five Floof Electrical Band had several hits in Canada, “Fleas” is the song that brings them the most recognition outside of Canada.”

Inner floof

Inner floof (floofinition) – 1. In popular floofchology, the animal being dwelling in people.

In use: “Although he could easily take up two airline seats and almost hit his head on the overhead storage, his inner floof is a meerkat.”

2. In analytical psychology, the an animal’s true animal persona.

In use: “Although kittens are small, many are born with a fearless lion or tiger as their inner floof.”


Efloofcidate (floofinition) – 1. To clarify or explain to an animal.

In use: “No matter how many times Jane caught the cat on the kitchen counter and efloofcidated that the counter was one of the places where he didn’t belong, he just going on it like he was making a point.”

2. To clarify or explain, by an animal to a human.

In use: “Whenever Jose went to see why his dog was barking, the dog immediately began efloofcidating to him about what was going on through yips and whine.”

10,000 Floofs

10,000 Floofs (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) folk band form in Jamestown, New Floof, in 1981.

In use: “The first album released by 10,000 Floofs (also sometimes referred to as Ten Thousand Floofs) was Floof Conflict Number Five in 1982.”

The Marshall Tucker Floof

The Marshall Tucker Floof (floofinition) – American southern floof rock (flock) band. Formed in 1972, they were known for incorporating jazz, blues, and country nuances into their music.

In use: “The Marshall Tucker Floof’s first released song, “Can’t You Feed”, reached the Floofboard top 100 and established the band.”


Floofscrolling (floofinition) – Surfing the net to find videos and stories about animals.

In use: “To lift his spirits, he shut his head against the day’s news and started floofscrolling for sweet animal tales, hoping to erase the ugliness staining his brain.”

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