Friday Fab Felines

I found these laugh worthy. Hope you do, too. Especially mood poisoning. Cheers

How to Train your Humans

Slow down, Can Opener! I want that ring on your finger!

I think it’s time to pay some attention to our favorite 4- legged friends. (Fab Felines).

Have some coffee and enjoy your morning. Back soon!

The Can Opener still needs time. It’s a good thing Sushi and I are in control! We’ll get her back soon. Thanks for checking in on us!

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Bonfloofmie (floofinition) – A good-natured animal, or easy friendliness between animals.

In use: “The home was full of animals and bonfloofmie, with cats, dogs, and a hamster napping together, watching activities outside the windows, or following the humans about to see what the what those people were up to.”

Friday’s Theme Music

A single small, thin white cloud is splattered on the blue sky like an errant drop left by someone painting a room. Today is Friday. The end.

Today is Feb. 2, 2022. The sun glided into the valley on gold white wings at 7:21 AM and will slip out of the valley at 5:29 PM. A new weather routine is in effect. Cold at night, bottoming about 30 to 32 F — so, freezing — then a slow rise as the sun follows its low-bake instructions. Our temperature will peak at 59 F. That’s how the week ahead looks, too, with a few shallow dips of the highs into the lower fifties, and a couple of spikes into the sixties. But no snow. No rain.

Today’s theme song comes from feeding the cats this morning, yeah? As I was about the business, some were shadowing me, chatting up their need for food right now, despite the bowls of kibble throughout the residence. I answered them, “I told you to be patient, I told you I’ll feed you in a minute.” Flash. Bon Iver “Skinny Love” (2008), hopped into the morning mental music stream: “I told you to be patient, and I told you to be fine. And I told you to be balanced, and I told you to be kind.” Off the neurons went.

But it’s an interesting song, so I looked it up on the net and found this acoustic version from Colbert. So, stay positive, test negative, enjoy the music, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters when you can. Now, somebody mentioned coffee. It might’ve been me. Just catching up here.


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