The Teams Dream

I was a young man — again — for this dream, in my late teens or early twenties. I was with a woman at the beginning, in a suburban setting of houses, streets, and parks. About my age, she seemed like a relative stranger. We were just being informed by a tall pale woman that we’d been selected for a team. That pleased us both. We were selected for different teams, which made us laugh. Each team had a uniform and marker. My uniform was black and yellow like a bee. Her uniform was something like pink and black. Others were white and black, and light blue and black.

We readily grasped the rules although it’s nothing that I can recount. Each morning, we showed up and raced to procure a specific object, like spoons or fish, or to recruit people by tagging them with your marker, according to instructions provided by the tall, ball woman. My marker was black and fuzzy. I could throw it at people and make it stick, sometimes throwing curve balls to make this happen, or from extreme distances, astonishing myself and others. Each day became a fun, constant race to get this done, and then get back to our homes. My friend and I taunted one another in a good-natured way throughout the event, along the lines, “I’m going to win today,” and “See you at the finish line, loser.”

We found ourselves in small single-winged prop planes. I began trying to drop my marker onto people below, but the marker was turning into fish as it hit them. I’d tell them, as they picked up the fish and looked up at me in the plane, “That’s supposed to be a marker.” They didn’t understand that any better than a fish hitting them.

We ended up at the ocean, in waves. I ran out through the surf and then turned and entered a cove. At that point, I realized, I’d gone the wrong way. That put me way behind.

I’ve lost, I realized, then decided, I need to start again.

Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunday, Feb. 27, 2023, has chugged into the calendar station with all the screeching, hisses, and sighs of an old steam locomotive coming to a halt. It’s February’s final Sunday for 2023. One sixth of the year’s months have passed us. Or we passed them.

The gray light seeping through filtering clouds must pass for daylight. That started at 6:50 AM. The daylight hours will end shortly after the sunset at 5:58 this evening. Meanwhile, the valley is seeing a warmer today. Never dropped below 49 degrees F during the night. Now at 52, we expect a high of 60 F. Rain showers may fall.

Had songs from Little Shop of Horrors in the midnight mental music stream. Rocky Horror Picture Show songs followed. They’re gone from the morning mental music stream, which is instead featuring U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. “How long must we sing this song? How long?” The song was released in 1983. U2 members say that it’s about the cycle of violence and doesn’t stand for any specific incidents. Thats what we’re seeing in Ukraine, isn’t it? The cycle of violence. Using war under political cover to kill others, steal, and pervert civilization. We’ve been doing it a long time. How much longer will it happen?

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters when you can. I’m off for the morning ration of coffee. Here’s the tune, from Live Aid in 1985. Cheers

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