The Mountain Claims Dream

As a young man in this dream, I was on team. We were competing against other teams to claim part of a mountain. The mountain was good sized, thick with forest and grassy, rising at a steep angle, with cliffs and sharp drop-offs on either side. Don’t know why claiming this mountain was being pursued. That was never mentioned.

All the teams managed to claim some of the mountain. Some had better parcels than others. My team was dissatisfied with their parcel and were inveigling the other teams to get more parcels or better parcels. I tried telling my team that more mountain was available. None paid attention to me so I trudged up the mountain on my own.

The weather had been cold but clear. Now, as I trudged, the environment turned dark and icy. I kept going up past where the others had claimed parcels and began claiming more for my team.

Some of my team caught up with me and wanted to know what I was doing. I explained it all, which delighted them. They were surprised because they didn’t know the mountain went on past the claimed parcels. The weather cleared as they looked at the new parcels I’d claimed. Two of the other teams tried coming up to get some but realized they were too late and that I’d already claimed the best. I then found a new cement four-lane highway came up to the parcels I’d claimed. When the rest saw what I’d found, they began celebrating.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Tuesday’s sun is full of light and makes the day unseemly bright. Daylight kicked in at oh seven sixteen, sending night fleeing like misbehaving children. Temperatures were coldish, 35 at dawn, but has kicked up to 41 and will go on up to the mid-sixties again before sunlight flees just as the night did, at seventeen thirty-four.

Today’s song is out of a feline interaction. One floof habitually sleeps by my head at night. A second came a-calling in the pre-dawn minutes, snugging himself against my legs. I reached down and scratched his head, receiving purrs in the return. As this transpired, I asked him if he’d gotten cold in the dark, which brought up the Billy Squier song, “In the Dark” from 1981. Friends were huge Squier fans. His music seemed to play whenever I rode with them in the car later in the eighties when we lived in Germany. This song, “The Stroke”, and “Everybody Wants You” were frequent members of my friends’ playlists, so I came to know the songs well. I haven’t seen those folks since 1999 but I see and hear them as soon as one of those three songs play. The power of music, yeah?

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters when possible. Here’s the music. I’m off for coffee. Don’t wait for me. Just play the song. I’ve already heard it. Cheers

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