Silicon Valley refugee who made it to Ashland in southern Oregon. USAF retiree (enlisted, Command and Control, 20 years). Enslaved by cats. Science fiction, fantasy, and mystery writer. Beer and wine lover. Enjoys food, and the blues.

Four books are now available. Returnee is a science fiction novel that’s available on Kindle and several other platforms. After his corporation loses a law suit, Brett is forced to abandon his fourth wave planet. Then the ship he’s on, the Castle Hercules, suffers a huge catastrophe. Escaping in a pod, he ends up crashing on Earth, seventeen years later. His memory is missing – the last time he saw her was back on the ship – his personal assistant thinks he’s someone else, and his nano-meds are failing. He’s growing old, and he can’t find anyone to help him.

Two other novels now available on Kindle and included with the Kindle Select program are Life Lessons with Savanna, a mystery, and its follow up, Road Lessons with Savanna. Studs Miracle is a home schooled computer nerd. His girlfriend, Savanna, has died, but has now begun to live on in his mind…and more. While trying to become the person she thought he could be, he’s traveling, and ends up in the middle murder mysteries. Yet, his largest mystery is the one he struggles most with, and that is, who is he? The third book, Personal Lessons with Savanna, is being written and will be released later in 2016.

On the science fiction front, Everything Not Known is now out on Kindle. In this epic novel about , Randy finds himself suffering severe headaches. The sky has changed from blue to red. Humans are becoming lizards, and are pursuing him because he remembers and knows that the sky’s normal color is not red, but blue. Someone who can remember the realities they’ve experienced are one in a billion…unless they’re a reality master who creates what everyone else knows.

Later this year, I’ll be bringing out Everything in Black & White. It’s an epic about the problems Mother Nature has with God, and everyone else’s problems with time and reality. Most perplexed are Talon and Cassidy. Talon seems to be one of the few survivors of the great collapse is wiping out civilization. Cassidy has limited memory of who she is. Fortunately, she’d able to move through time and space. It would help if she could better control where she’s going. But as both find out, as complicated as their situations are, they’re just beginning to understand. The truth is far more complicate.

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