Cynofloof (floofinition) – An animal who is the center of attention.

In use: “Flash insisted on being a cynofloof, easy to do, because she was a gorgeous character, sweet with her human, but not interested in relationships with anyone else.”


Floofbiotic (floofinition) – A relationship between two or more animals, or animals and human(s) characterized by being close, cooperative, or interdependent.

In use: “Although the dogs depended on her for their meals and exercise, she depended on them for emotional well-being and joy, a floofbiotic situation marked by doing almost everything together as the day’s minutes fly past.”


Gumbyfloof (floofinition) – Animal who stretches, curls up, or generally contorts itself in unusual positions.

In use: “Little black Crystal was a true gumbyfloof, tucking her head under in ridiculous positions when she was sleeping, and managing to twist and coil her way into weird places all over the house. Predicting where she might be found needed a true seer.”


Antefloofent (floofinition) – An event or action which precipitates an animal’s activity.

In use: “In many households, the antefloofent for animals interrupting their naps is the some sound, smell, sight, or thought that food is being opened, eaten, or contemplated.”


Flooftense (floofinition) Behavior done by a floof or to a floof to fool others.

In use: “The dog quickly learned that if he looked surprised and stared at the window, the others would look to see what he was looking at, enabling him to steal seats, blankets, pillows, and food under this flooftense.”


Floofserker (floofinition) – An animal who is frenzied in an activity.

In use: “Fish and Chips were both well-mannered and sweet puppies until it came to eating their kibble. When they heard it hitting their bowls, the tiny brown and white beasts became floofserkers, leaping into the bowls, spraying kibble in every direction as their little paws kicked it out and their mouths frantically chased pieces.”


Floofisthenics (floofinition) – Floofercises and stretching related to animal behavior or practices.

In use: “Many people don’t appreciate how much having pets such as cats or dogs improve their physical conditioning, but floofisthenics done while feeding the beasts and cleaning up after them, as well as actually walking or chasing them in play, can help keep people fitter and trimmer.”


Viafloof (floofinition) – An activity or function modified to include an animal when animals were not normally involved.

In use: “His routines included a viafloof when he left the office and went into other parts of the house, no matter where or the reason, checking on the cats and dogs’ status and location, reassuring him that his floofs were safe and well.”


Floofex (floofinition) – Existence or conscious reality created or maintained by animals. Although skilled at doing such, human presence tends to distill or distort animals’ realities, sometimes with adverse consequences resulting.

In use: “Having realized human impact on their Floofex, and appreciating the ways in which cats, dogs, and other creatures could co-habit with human in roles as pets, the Council ordered a quantum increase to the number of animals going to Earth in that role in an effort to reverse some current, terrible trends and establish a happier, more pleasant Floofex.”

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