Flooftown (floofinition) – Flang (floof slang) for a place dedicated to animals.

In use: “The dog was not happy, explaining to the cats, “I heard her sayin’ that she’s taking me to flooftown,” which was the floofhold expression for the vet, gathering by his tone that he didn’t mean the other flooftown, the floofpark (to which the cats were never invited to go).”


Floofzling (floofinition) – Being unable to talk, speak, or make noises because of an animal’s actions or behavior.

In use: “Whenever she began singing, the cat jumped up with a sharp meow, ran over, and put a hand over her mouth, trying to floofzle her.”


Floofdacious (floofinition) – 1. An especially bold animal.

In use: “Kittens are often floofdacious, walking up to dogs hundreds of times larger than themselves and swatting the canine’s nose.”

2. A remarkable or noteworthy animal.

In use: “As a service animal, the floofdacious Smithers was peerless, warning his human when she was about to have a seizure, fetching specific items on command, opening the front door to accept mail or a package, and taking his leash to his person when it was time for his walk.”

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