Floof School

Floof School (floofinition) Institution which has been guiding and instructing animals for living with humans for centuries. Although primarily dominated by cats and dogs deciding to become pets, enrollment has spiked, with a huge and diverse student body, as human’s activities encroach on animals’ habitats, forcing the animals to learn how to live with humans.

In use: “There are courses of studies for cats, dogs, and other creatures to become pets, but the Floof School has noticed that many animals are taking other species’ courses, with, for example, a Dachshund enrolled in the cats’ courses, and a Siamese auditing the German Shepherds.”

Monday’s Theme Music

February’s final day to make an impression on us has arrived. Yes, today is it, Monday, the work week’s beginning, is February 28, 2022, the last day of Feb. Despite that drama (or non-drama, really — just a mental shift for me, don’t know about you), the sun rose at 6:48 AM and will set at 6 PM. It’s a warmish, cloudyish day, with rain offers in its gray gaze. Current temp. is 55 F, and 67 is on the plate as a high.

“You’re In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)” by Rod Stewart (1977) is in the morning mental music stream. The neurons brought it up during a conversation with sick cat, but it stands well with news out of Ukraine. They’re in many people’s hearts as they stand against Putin’s aggression and Russia’s savagery. Lot of stories of bravery have emerged from Ukrainians fighting for their nation and rights. Shouldn’t be a surprise, as they’ve fought for their rights before.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters when you can. Here is the music. I’m off on a quest to find a cuppa hot coffee. Not much of a quest, really; it’s right there in the kitchen. Lucky me.


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