Floofdious (floofinition) An animal of a serious demeanor, prone to studying others, such as birds, insects, and  flowers.

In use: “The St. Bernard was a floofdious mother, content with relaxing in the back and soaking in the world as the day stole past.”


Floofuit (floofinition) – 1. A channel or path regularly used by animals. 2. A person who understands animals on deeper levels, often referred to as an animal whisperer, e.g., the cat whisperer, horse whisperer, or dog whisperer.

In use: “A path was worn across the yard from a hole in the fence on one side to a hole in the fence on other side, a floofuit used by skunks and foxes, and cats and raccoons, according to the camera that Shelly set up to monitor the floofuit.”


Floofcotheque (floofinition) – A floofclub for dancing, often featuring sophisticated quantum systems, elaborate lighting, and other effects.

In use: “Each night, the cats hurried to the door at exactly the same time, demanding to leave, prompting Pam to joke, “Hot date,” without realizing that the kitties were hurrying to the floofcotheque to dance to the Backyard Dogs.”

Persistent Assistant

A persistent assistant

and ever-present friend

he’s with me wherever I’m at

it’s an established trend


In the bed

on the pot

across the street

by the vacant lot


On the chair

when I read

by the table

when I feed


He needs to know

what I’m doing

and watches around corners

(I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling)


Wherever I go

he is there

as if my being

is his only care


But once in a while

I spy on him as he’s sleeping

watching him move paws and whiskers

wondering, what’s he dreaming?


Sobfloofquet (floofinition) – An animal’s descriptive name or epifloof.

In use: “The dog was originally called Royal but after he grew bigger and bigger, and galloped through the house like, quote, “a herd of elephants,” he was given the sobfloofquet of Elephant (sometimes shortened to just Phant).


Floofprivation (floofinition) – One who lacks regular animal contact, either through foibles, allergies, prejudices, or loss.

In use: “Floofprivation left him depressed. Without a cat for the lap or a dog who sleeps like a log, life seemed less interesting. Thus began his quest.”

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