Floofblurb (floofinition) – A short description or comment about animals.

In use: “Social media emerged as the center for people to post photos of animals, especially their pets, often with floofblurbs about the animal’s sweetness, intelligence, humorous antics, or beauty.”


Floofalize (floofinition) – To make animals central in scope or application.

In use: “With more pets being added to households, homes continue to be floofalized with additions such as catios and kennels, and pet rooms with their own flooficated furniture and televisions.”


Floomp (floofinition) – 1. A balled clump of animal hair or fur found on clothing, towels, and bedding after they’ve been washed.

In use: “Going to put on a pair of socks, Brenda discovered floomps on their bottoms, which she meticulously pulled off as her cat and dog came up, sat down, and watched. She would swear that her pets were smirking as they watched.”

2. A wave or heavy impact caused by an animal landing on a person, bed, or bouncy objects.

In use: ‘The little dog leaped up, landing on her with a floomp which made her say, “Oof. Not on the nipple, please. Why do you always land on my nipples?”‘


Floofpressant(floofinition) – Non-violent action, behavior, or noise employed to stop an animal or dissuade it from continuing unwanted activity.

In use: “A squirt gun didn’t bother long-haired Quinn, as water couldn’t seem to penetrate his coat, but he had a sharp sense of smell, and they soon learned that a good floofpressant for bad behavior was any citrus fruit, or a banana.”

Backward Shuffle

Backward Shuffle (floofinition) – Move mastered by animals which allows them to escape by wiggling backwards through minute openings.

In use: “To give their floof medicine, he put his knees together, his pet before him, and held onto them while his partner attempted to get the medicine into the animal’s math. To their amusement and dismay, Super executed a backward shuffle, slipped through Ron’s legs, escaping his grasp, and dashed away.”


Floofmosis (floofinition) – Animal’s ability to unobtrusively expand and move, without apparently moving, to take over an entire space, despite its size.

In use: “The family cats and dogs were all floofmosis masters. Each was cabable of settling on a bed or chair with a person and slowly pushing the person out, even though the animals all weighed less than twenty pounds and the people were all over one hundred ten pounds and had both weight and size advantages over the animals. They just couldn’t compete with the floofmosis.”


Flooftouch (floofinition) – A person who is easily is easily taken advantage or manipulated by animals.

In use: “Michael was such a flooftouch for his cats. All that was needed was a purr, meow, or even just a look, and he responded by asking them what they wanted, hurrying about to give them treats or food, let them out, or


Carfloof (floofinition) – Animal who enjoys car rides or who prefers using cars as shelter or protection.

In use: “A true carfloof, the little tabby started riding in cars when she was six months old, enjoying the view from the center console, rising up on to her back legs to watch everything going on outside the windows.”


Floofment (floofinition) – Animal action to instigate a reaction or rouse others.

In use: “The dog learned that the best way to floofment Suzanne and get her attention was to jump up, look towards the downstairs area as if hearing something, and then start barking like mad. It worked every time.”


Refloofucation (floofinition) – A process of training conducted by an animals to break paradigms and instill new understanding about animals.

In use: “After Kevin adopted the big rescue dog, the animal, named Summit, began a refloofucation effort to help Kevin and others understand that being big didn’t mean being mean or aggressive, and that cats aren’t dogs’ natural enemies.”

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