Floofinist (floofinition) (archaic) – Ancient floofish term for a person who treated and cared for animals during the Age of Afloofination, the period when animals came to Earth and became acquainted with humans.

In use: “Not trained as a vet (indeed, she had no formal education —  she didn’t even graduate from a secondary school), she displayed a remarkable affinity for animals’ health and moods, and upon learning of floofinists from the Quenta Floovarillion, adapted it for herself.”


Flooface (floofinition) – The facial expression that people don while addressing animals.

In use: “Squatting down to the speak to the large dog, she raised a hand, finger extended for him to smell, put on an inviting flooface, and adopted a comforting tone of voice to earn his trust.”


Floofedge (floofinition) – Surface marred or disfigured by an animal’s repetitive use.

In use: “The bathroom door jamb had a blackened floofedge where the paint was wearing thin, where the cats liked to stand and rub their chins while talking to him when he was on the can.”


Floofboozle (floofinition) – The act of cheating one animal by another animal.

In use: “The treats were set on the ground in front of each canine. The three were arrayed with the smallest dog, a terrier, in the middle of the two big retrievers. When the signal was given, the terrier raced forward, grabbed all three treats in his mouth, and hurried off, floofboozling the others of their goodies.”

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Flooflivery (floofinition) – Action of delivering items via animals.

In use: “Carrier pigeon is a well-known form of flooflivery, but people have cats and dogs they use for flooflivery, bringing the mail, slippers, leashes, and so on.”



Floofseeching (floofinition) – A posture and behavior employed by animals to gain favors or reprieves.

In use: “The home security cameras showed the German shepherd knocking over the kitchen garbage can and strewing the trash around the kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining room, but when Guy went to administer scolding, his dog’s floofseeching (sad eyes, contrite body language, down tail, hiding in the corner behind the sofa) diminished his ire. He couldn’t stay angry at such a sweet face.”


Floofgring (floofinition) – Sounds an animal makes that isn’t its normal voice but sounds more like a grumbling human.

In use: “Apparently feeling ignored, Tucker sat down in the doorway and commenced floofgring until someone got up, gave him a scratch, and found him a treat.”


Demofloof (floofinition) – An advocate of equality among animals.

In use: “To ensure domestic tranquility, she acted as a demofloof when distributing food, treats, and scritches, even though she had several personal favorites among the cats, dogs, and goats.”

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