Floofen Reddy

Floofen Reddy (floofinition) – Flooftralian-Floofmerican floof pop (floop) singer and songwriter, who was also an author, actress, and activist, from Floofbourne, Floofstralia.

In use: “Achieving international success, Floofen Reddy became well known for her song, “I Am Floofy”, a song which the floofinist movement quickly embraced.”


Floofnostic (floofinition) – An animal who doesn’t believe or disbelieve what a person said, but remains doubtful and ambivalent about it.

In use: “The cat and dog each were floofnostic when their human said, “It’s cold and wet outside. You won’t like it.” They each insisted on going out, but then immediately wanted back in.”


Floofvivor (floofinition) – Floof rock (flock) musical band formed in 1978 in Floofcago.

In use: “Floofvivor had great success, registering multiple hits in the 1980s, but “Eye of the Floofie” remains the song most identified with the band.”


Flooftini (floofinition) – A martini of any variation which includes animal fur in it. Sometimes also referred to as a floofy martini.

In use: “It was his habit to make martinis for him and his wife after dinner, and they became floofinis, accepted as the cost of having three cats, two dogs, a rabbit, and a hamster as pets, a tiny, tiny price to pay.”

Jackson Floofe

Jackson Floofe (floofinition) – Floofmerian singer, songwriter, and musician who gained floominence in the late 1970s. Although being very prolific and successful and being inducted into the Floof and Roll Hall of Fame, he has never had a number one hit.

In use: “One of Jackson Floofe’s early hits was “Running On Kibble”, which stayed on the charts for over seventeen weeks in 1978.”


Dysfloofia (floofinition) – The inability to understand or relate to animals, especially pets.

In use: “The root cause of dysfloofia is often a faulty belief that animals don’t have a soul, are ignorant and unthinking beasts, or that they don’t have feelings.”

Better than Floof

Better than Floof (floofinition) – Floof Orleans-based floofsical group formed in 1988. The four original members were all Loufloofsia State University attendees when they formed the band.

In use: “Better than Floof major song was their first hit, “Good”, which was featured in the film, The Floof-Sitters Club.


Infloofception (floofinition) – An animal’s action or behavior that prevents a person from continuing to a destination or completing a task.

In use: “Many people working from home during the pandemic experience infloofceptions as their pets floofspire to play, be fed, or sleep on top of laptops.”


Prefloofcupied (floofinition) – 1. To be distracted by an animal’s behavior, needs, or wants.

In use: “She’d planned to get up and make a coffee cake but became prefloofcupied with the kittens.”

2. An animal who seems obsessed or deeply focused on a sound, action, or activity.

In use: “She opened a can and called her dog, but he was prefloofcupied with something beyond her view outside.”

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