Eflooftome (floofinition) – A housepet who is appears or acts like the perfect example of their species.

In use: “Lanky, with shades of lustrous gold in his coat, and twenty-four inches tall at his withers, Meyer sat in the doorway, the eflooftome of Golden Retrievers.”




Stereofloof (floofinition) – A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a pet.

In use: “Batting balls around with wide-eyed zeal, ambushing and attacking anything that moved, purring when petted, and of course, appearing absolutely adorable, Logan the kitten was a stereofloof of kittens.



Flooftub (floofinition) – A typically wide, open, deep, and round container used for holding  water, growing plants, etc., repurposed by pets as sleeping, hiding, and playing spaces.

In use: “During hot days, Ashley converted the main tub into a flooftub, stretching her long furry body out along the cool, porcelain bottom for afternoon naps that none dared to interrupt.”


Floofbicle (floofinition) – a small partitioned-off space pets use for sleeping and playing, sometimes called a box by the uninformed.

In use: “Although the floofbicle was too small for the bulldog, he ignored the limitations and tried sitting.”



Deflooftive (floofinition) – 1. An investigator who specializes in solving crimes and mysteries involving pets. 2. A pet who is obligated to investigate all noises, movements, foods, and others.

In use: “Aided with a video camera mounted high on the wall, the deflooftive soon learned how the cat and dog were escaping.”



REF (Alt. sp.: R.E.F.) (floofinition) – Really Enthusiastic Floof, sometimes also referenced as Really Energetic Floof, a designation given to social, playful, or overly active housepet.

In use: “Everyone called Reed small, but the hundred pound canine cavorted through the house like a kitten, thundering barks and slobbering love at all hours of the day — and sometimes, at night.”


Floofstrom (floofinition) – Consuming energy projected by pet behavior and, or, activity.

In use: “The catnip was put down. The dogs watched with wary laziness as the cats meowed and gathered to get some ‘nip. Without warning, a floofstrom erupted as the cats each jealously seized their share and warned others off with snaps, swaps, hisses, and growls.”


Floofnectomy (floofintion) – the act or process of removing housepets from people’s lap or body, or disengaging from housepets.

In use: “He needed to get up and go to bed, but first he needed to do two floofnectomies to remove the cats and dogs napping with him on the sofa.”

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