Slinky Floofy

Slinky Floofy (floofinition) – A common exercise routine used by my animals, which calls for the animal to stretch its limbs while lowering itself to the ground. In its most basic configuration, the animal stretches either the rear or front limbs first, followed by the other end, will lowering their body as far as possible.

In use: “Quinn was a master of the slinky floofy, almost flattening his chest to the ground as he splayed his paws and stretched his front legs, and then leaning forward, lowering his rear as he extended his rear rear legs to their maximum.”


FloofFlock (floofinition) – Video-focused social floofworking service which that provides short formats produced by animals for animals.

In use: “Many animal videos on FloofFlock center around pranks that pets play on their humans, such as hiding items like car keys, prescription glasses, and phones, or stealing socks from the laundry.”


Floofcaster (floofinition) 1. A person who predicts what an animal will do.

In use: “From years of observation, Jeff had become an adept floofcaster regarding the backyard interactions between the neighbor’s cat, the squirrel, the jays, crows, and his dog, Pixie.”

2. An animal who makes predictions.

In use: “Whether by hearing or some psychic abilities, Merlin the Cat always not just knew someone was coming, but the floofcaster showed by behavior who was coming, bolting to hide if it was a stranger (or Meg, who he couldn’t stand for reasons he never gave), and rushing to the door to greet friends, family, and those deemed worthy of is affection.”


Floofslide (floofinition) – 1. Procrastination caused by an animal’s presence, conditions, or involvement.

In use: “Cary’s chores suffered a floofslide as the puppy unmade the bed while she made it, then diverted her attention with antics involving the cat, Mystery (who still hadn’t wholly accepted the puppy as a worthwhile housemate), a ball, and a spider.”

2. A deterioration in an animal’s situation or health.

In use: “Despite everything which he did, Marvel’s floofside continued, forcing Ray to consider the inevitable, that Marvel was not going to get better.”

3. A maneuver in which an animal slides over a surface, such as a hardwood or tile floor.

In use: “The two cats chased one another, claws scrabbling on the floor as they executed long floofslides, changed directions, and bolted down the hall.”


Flooflan (floofinition) – An animal devised language created to help them communicate with humans.

In use: “After using telefloofy to communicate with the dog and cat in his new house, Bowser discovered that the humans couldn’t comprehend his thoughts, forcing him into using flooflan, which was mostly, IHO, just silly barking, as the humans didn’t seem to understand that, either!”


Floofxpansion (floofinition)1. Weight gain or growth exhibited by an animal.

In use: “Logan was a tiny black and white beast when he joined the family, but floofxpansion made him twice as large as his mother by the time he’d reached full maturity, earning him Moose as an affectionate nickname.”

2. An increase in the number of animals in a location.

In use: “Many people end up with floofxpansion when they attempt to foster and end up falling in love with the animal they’re trying to save, and just adopt them.”


Floofwear (floofinition) 1. Clothing designed for animals. Note: Not to be confused with floofware.

In use: “As animals are forced to cope with extreme weather, more floofwear for animals, including dogs, cats, horses, and goats, are finding their way onto the market where consumers eagerly buy them for their loved ones.”

2. Article of clothing designated for an animal’s use.

In use: “Mark used a fleece pullover as floofwear, putting it on a bench in the bedroom for his cat to sleep on when he was away.”


Flooflatility (floofinition) – Characteristic or quality in an animal of unpredictable changes.

In use: “Flooflatility in kittens and puppies is one of their endearing treats as they go from exploring to reacting in panic to chasing and attacking to eating or sleeping in within the space of minutes.”

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