Floofcede (floofinition) – When an animal formally withdraws.

In use: “They’d acquired her as a kitten, but when she was two, she floofceded, taking up residence in the neighbors’ home; there were more animals there (especially cats) but she felt like she was treated better and respected more, so she stayed, ignoring her people’s calls.”


Confloofgation (floofinition) – An assembly of animals, sometimes for worship services.

In  use: “Forced to leave work and go home early due to the coronavirus, Karen opened the front door and discovered a confloofgation in the living room. Among the confloofgants were squirrels, neighbors’ dogs and cats, robins, jays and sparrows, and a fox and a deer. At the head of the room was her white cat, for all the world looking like someone who’d been interrupted delivering a sermon.”


Floofvest (floofinition) – 1. Another word for floof jacket. 2. A caring animal who provides the emotional support to remain uplifted.

In use: “Were it not for her floofvest, Snoopy, and his warm, furry attentions, she would have been crazy within four days of self-isolation.”

Beastie Floofs

Beastie Floofs (floofinition) – An American hip floop/alt-flock group from New Floof City, formed in 1976, known for their aggressive, confrontational style.

In use: “With songs like “Floofbotage”, “Hey Floofies,” and “Interflooflactic” earned them entry into the Flock and Roll Hall of Fame”


Floofvana (floofinition) – A floof grunge (flunge) music trio formed famous for pioneering the Floofattle sound.

In use: “One of Floofvana’s early albums, Smells Like Dirty Kitty Litter, became a multi-platinum album, introducing the Floofattle sound to a global album.”

Note: Not to be confused with Floofvana, the transcendent state.


Eufloofic (floofinition) – Feelings marked by a feeling of peace, joy, and happiness when you’re with an animal.

In use: “Settling on the sofa with her big dog, who she called the Puppy despite his advanced age, she was eufloofic as he put his large head on her lap and they watched the telly. It mattered only a little what was on the telly, as long as he was with her, for he displaced so much of the world’s ugliness with his warm and mellow disposition.”

Blue Öyster Floof

Blue Öyster Floof (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) band, active from their formation in New Floof in the late 1960s until the present.

In use: “Formed in 1967, Blue Öyster Floof songs such as “(Don’t Fear) the Vacuum”, “Floofin’ for You”, “Cities on Flame with Flock and Roll”, and “Floofzilla”, earned the group a solid reputation as rocking cats and dogs.”



Floofrobics (floofinition) – Exercise done by chasing or interacting with an animal.

In use: “Although she had an hour commute and first needed to shower, dress, and put on a face (she was a bank director, after all), and take care care of the children (well, they were of an age when they were mostly taking care of themselves, getting ready for school, eating, etc.), she always took a few minutes at the beginning for floofrobics with the puppies, Borg and Seven. It lifted her energy like two cups of coffee. And then she made coffee.”

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