Floofclave (floofinition) – A group of animals’ distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit established within another territory.

In use: “The dogs established a floofclave on the back patio while the cats decreed that the sunroom was their space, but Sugar, the new scamperbeast brazenly went wherever she desired, sleeping and playing among dogs and cats, regardless of floofclave.”

The Distraction

The royal clowder lined up at his feet as the man made his way into his office. “What?” he asked, stopping, looking down at them, a cup of coffee in hand.

The cats began singing.

“We three cats have come to bug you.

“The weather is bad and we’ve nothing to do.

“We’re bored and restless and don’t like our food.

“Come and pet us or we’ll start biting you.”

The man rolled his eyes. “That old chestnut.” Then he threw a ball across the room to distract, darted into his office when they dashed away, closed the door, and put on noise-canceling headphones.

Sometimes, that was the only way he could get something done.


Floofbacle (floofinition) – A sudden and ignominious failure or fiasco involving animals.

In use: “People with new kittens and puppies often must adjust to coming home and discovering a floofbacle as the animals encounter and destroy things like house plants, pillows, and rolls of toilet paper.”


Flooferific (floofinition) – 1. People or locations which are animal friendly.

In use: “Animals passed the word to one another that the house up the hill was a flooferific place, where visiting strays were fed, birds socialized, and deer ambled about, eating bushes and unmolested.”

2. A really special or amazing animal.

In use: “Many people with pets feel that their animal is flooferic, and can regale others with anecdotes about why they belive that.”


Floofbular (floofinition) – Floofdarin slang term, adopted from the eighties slang term, ‘tubular’, used among animals to express high regard or appreciation for something.

In use: “The cats thought getting tuna was fantastic. “Floofbular,” one told the other, which, to the unschooled in Floofdarin, sounded like a rising and falling trilling-mewing-purr.”

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