Floofhub (floofinition) – A place where animals congregate or socialize.

In use: “In many houses, the floofhub gravitates toward the home’s sunniest spots, depending on the weather, although wherever food is found often quickly becomes a floofhub.”


Homofloofeous (floofinition) – Household, location, or organization with only one species of animal.

In use: “While many infloofgrated households of cats, birds, dogs, reptiles, fish, and so on exist in the U.S., a number of households remain homofloofeous, often dedicated to one species, particularly cats or dogs.”

Sunday’s Wandering Thought

He and his sister were talking about words. She said, “You know where spitting image comes from?”


“It was originally spirit in image. It was a religious reference. Somehow it got twisted into spitting image. I think it’s probably from someone’s accent confusing people, so they thought someone was saying spitting image instead of spirit image.

He later searched for origins, and spirit in image wasn’t mentioned. Shame, though, it sounded like a good story.


Edfloofcation (floofinition) – 1. Process of learning and understanding specific animals.

In use: “Once a new animal joins a household, humans and the resifloofs go through edfloofcation about the newcomer, as the newcomer does the same, sniffing and testing boundaries, adjusting to the sounds and patterns of a new life.”

2. General procedure for spreading and sharing information about animals in order to combat bias against them.

In use: “The net has become an important tool in edfloofcation, as stories about animal courage, love, and intelligence are shared, hopefully dispelling ideas that animals are unthinking and unfeeling creatures, instead firming the foundation that animals deserve the same rights and protections which humans expect for themselves”


Floofdictive (floofinition) – Compulsive, chronic, physiological or psychological need to do recurring activities with an animal or between animals.

In use: “If he hadn’t seen his cats in the evening, he called and searched for them until they reappeared, which he realized was floofictive, and maybe floofsessive.”

The Exchange

The boy is four years old, a grandnephew. He’d brought over four of his monster truck toys to play with as he visited his great grandmother. The trucks weren’t large, fitting into his palm space.

But he was sniffing one. “What’s that smell like?” his great-uncle asked.

“My green dinosaur.”

That was a surprise. “What’s your green dinosaur smell like?”


Huh. “Do you know what you call a dinosaur who smells like apples?”

Head shake. “No.”

“An applesaurus.”

The boy threw his head back and laughed.

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