Edfloofcation (floofinition) – 1. Process of learning and understanding specific animals.

In use: “Once a new animal joins a household, humans and the resifloofs go through edfloofcation about the newcomer, as the newcomer does the same, sniffing and testing boundaries, adjusting to the sounds and patterns of a new life.”

2. General procedure for spreading and sharing information about animals in order to combat bias against them.

In use: “The net has become an important tool in edfloofcation, as stories about animal courage, love, and intelligence are shared, hopefully dispelling ideas that animals are unthinking and unfeeling creatures, instead firming the foundation that animals deserve the same rights and protections which humans expect for themselves”

Floof Lunge

Floof Lunge (floofinition) 1. An animal’s sudden forward thrust to attack someone or seize something.

In use: “Jack Ryan was the household’s smallest canine, but the Dachshund was a floof lunge master when it came to treats, often gobbling up several of the other animals’ offerings before they even realized it was there!”

2. A person’s sudden attempt to grab an animal.

In use: “They were attempting to capture the cat now called Comet but she was adept at reading animals and always evaded their floof lunges.”

Floofus Mirabilis

Floofus Mirabilis – (floofinition) – A wonderful animal.

In use: “Many people think their pet is a floofus mirabilis, overlooking their floofgressions, such as stealing food or sleeping where they weren’t supposed to, which, though exasperating, was also charming.”


Floofserver (floofinition) – Floof expression for the human who feeds them.

In use: “Barb called the cats but she wasn’t the floofserver so they ignored her, waiting for Mitchell’s appearance, because he was their floofserver.”


Floofword (floofinition) 1. Human words which animals seem to understand or know.

In use: “Animals often quickly pick up floofwords like ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘food’, ‘treat’, and ‘walk’, but will frequently demonstrate selective comprehension.”

2. Command or order issued by an animal.

In use: “When she went to get out of bed, the dog said, “Ermerumphf,” his floofword which meant, ‘Stop moving around, peasant’.”


Floofdegreen (floofinition) – Song lyrics deliberately misinterpreted or changed to be about animals.

In use: ‘He loved making up floofdegreens and sharing them with his cats, such as his take on “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. In his version, it’s “A kitty went into the kitchen, he was looking for treats to steal, he was feeling fine, just marking time, and not willing to make a deal.”‘

Whether Floof

Whether Floof (floofinition) – An indecisive animal.

In use: “Many people find their pets are whether floofs when inclement weather strikes, as the pets ask to go out, then see the bad weather, return back in, and then try another door, going back and forth, trying openings, wanting to be out, wanting to stay in. Some people even say that their whether floof is a weather floof.”


Flooftirement (floofinition) 1. Withdrawing from activities, work, or social commitments to spend time with animals.

In use: “After more wearying, depressing news, he went into flooftirement with his cat, dog, and a book, figuring the world could go on without him but he couldn’t go on without them.”

2. An animal’s withdrawl or change of status from a working position or occupation.

In use: “He’d been a working dog, a service dog which gave his person needed emotional support, and when she passed on, he gratefully accepted flooftirement to a quiet home.”

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