Floofcede (floofinition) – When an animal formally withdraws.

In use: “They’d acquired her as a kitten, but when she was two, she floofceded, taking up residence in the neighbors’ home; there were more animals there (especially cats) but she felt like she was treated better and respected more, so she stayed, ignoring her people’s calls.”


Confloofgation (floofinition) – An assembly of animals, sometimes for worship services.

In  use: “Forced to leave work and go home early due to the coronavirus, Karen opened the front door and discovered a confloofgation in the living room. Among the confloofgants were squirrels, neighbors’ dogs and cats, robins, jays and sparrows, and a fox and a deer. At the head of the room was her white cat, for all the world looking like someone who’d been interrupted delivering a sermon.”


Floofciprocity (floofinition) – The practice of mutually exchanges items, kisses, or hugs between animals or humans and animals.

In use: “Most floofciprocity between humans and animals come during affectionate exchanges, but be forewarned, some cats end the floofciprocity with the flick of a tail.”


Holofloof (floofinition) – A representation of an animal it in three dimensions, created by modifying light perception.

In use: “Many animals (most commonly housepets) employ holofloofs to trick humans. For example, people often think their cat or dog sleeps in one place all day, or that their goldfish spends their time swimming around. These are often holofloofs. Using holofloofs allow the animals to travel and do other things without worrying their humans.”


Floof-positive (floofinition) – Something an animal does which definitely shows that something else is true or correct.

In use: “She’d begun by echoing her father, that her cat was just a dumb animal, but each day, opening doors and blinds, or by reacting to her words, showed floof-positive that he was far from dumb, and could be smarter than her.”


Floofcine (floofinition) – Any shot meant for an animal to innoculate them against disease or infection.

In use: “It was time for annual floofcines, which meant heading to the vet, which meant tricking the dog, because the big German Shepherd was a smart animal. Watching out the window, he soon realized where they were going and began crying.”


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