Profloofetary (floofinition) – Belonging to one or more floofs.

In use: “She’d bought a new office chair, but it was made profloofetary by her cats and dogs, so the old chair had to do.”



Bamfloofzled (floofinition) – Being outsmarted or tricked by an animal or animals working in concert.

In use: “As the dog made a noise in a kitchen, Nancy set her plate of food down and went to see had happened. The cat immediately jumped up, seized food in her mouth and dashed off to share it with the dog. Returning, Nancy saw her missing food and sighed. Yes, she’d been bamfloofzled.”


Dribblefloof (floofinition) – A housepet who seems to leave a messy trail behind them.

In Use: “It was easy to see when Boo had been eating, as the big beast was a dribblefloof who took the food from his bowl to eat it, and dropped leavings out of his mouth as he walked away.”


Unrefloofpant (floofinition) –┬áNo exhibition of shame or remorse by a housepet for its behavior.

In use: “The cat pushed a bottle of nail polish off the counter. “Stop it, Jade,” she shouted. Unrefloofpant, Jade looked at her and batted a bottle of pills to the floor.”


Floofsination (floofinition) 1. Something that provides a deep allure to pets. 2. A person’s deep attraction to pets.

In use: “Like many cats, water provided floofsination for Jade, but her most intense floofsination was when bath water was being run. Hearing it, green eyes brightening, she’d leap up and race for the tub. Jumping onto the edge, she’d then dip her paws into the water as it rose, or tangled her tail in it.”


Floofture (floofinition) – a housepet’s complaints, lecture, or explanation to people about what’s going on, dissatisfies them, or intrigues them.

In use: “As she hurried to dress to go to her friend’s party, Cammie followed her with a mewing floofture about the lack of attention she was receiving, or the break in routine, or, perhaps, the hurried pace. It was hard to say what it was, but with the volume extensive floofturing, it was probably all that and more.”


Conflooftation (floofinition) – 1. A housepet’s intense attention or focus; 2. The act of a person or people admiring an animal.

In use: “He held a treat up. Sitting, the retriever became a study in conflooftation as her eyes found and stayed on the treat.”

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