Neighfloof (floofinition) – Animal that lives nearby; pet that belongs to a nearby house.

In use: “Although a neighfloof (who belonged to the man next door) (the cat used to belong to the girl next door, but the girl grew up, graduated, and left, leaving her cat behind), the friendly little tortie had house privileges, sleeping on the bed and cuddling on laps.”

The Floof Second Rule

The Floof Second Rule (floofinition) – An animal’s right to take something if it’s not in use or looked at for one second (+/- .5 second margin of error).

In use: “Using the floof second rule, the cat took a piece of lunch meat, hopped off the table, and left.”


Floofciprocity (floofinition) – The practice of mutually exchanges items, kisses, or hugs between animals or humans and animals.

In use: “Most floofciprocity between humans and animals come during affectionate exchanges, but be forewarned, some cats end the floofciprocity with the flick of a tail.”


Holofloof (floofinition) – A representation of an animal it in three dimensions, created by modifying light perception.

In use: “Many animals (most commonly housepets) employ holofloofs to trick humans. For example, people often think their cat or dog sleeps in one place all day, or that their goldfish spends their time swimming around. These are often holofloofs. Using holofloofs allow the animals to travel and do other things without worrying their humans.”


Floof-positive (floofinition) – Something an animal does which definitely shows that something else is true or correct.

In use: “She’d begun by echoing her father, that her cat was just a dumb animal, but each day, opening doors and blinds, or by reacting to her words, showed floof-positive that he was far from dumb, and could be smarter than her.”


Floofminion (floofinition) – An area or place where animals practice self-government.

In use: “The household had multiple pets, but the humans made few rules; the animals’ floofminion had established mores and rules, and a few enforcers monitored behavior. The basic guidance was share the laps, beds, food, sunshine, and treats, and respect one another’s space, and we’ll all be fine.”


Floofpathy  (floofinition) – The sympathy and empathy that one animal has for another.

In use: “While eating its kibble, the kitten noticed the dog wanting some. Demonstrating a little floofpathy, the kitty dished kibble out of the bowl and batted it to the dog.”




Neofloofic (floofinition) – 1. Something that’s new to an animal.

In use: “The box was neofloofic for all the animals but that didn’t stop a march as all moved en floof to sniff it for evidence of its purpose and travels.”

2. Period when new animals first met humans after migrating to Earth.

In use: “Dogs and cats (who were thought to be domesticated by humans) arrived during the Neofloofic Wave and decided that conditioning people to take them in and care for them was easier than living as many other animals did, hunting others to eat while huddling for warmth, seeking shelter, and ensuring that they didn’t become the prey. Why seek new shelters when people were already building them?”

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