Floofdalize (floofinition) – Deliberate damage or destruction done by a housepet.

In use: “Once again, the cats and dogs had floofdalized her home, overturning the trash can and spreading its contents and wiping out her house plants. Of course, none of the floofdals were in sight; they were too smart for that.”


Floofvalry (floofinition) – competition between two or more housepets for superiority, food, attention, or dominance.

In use: “As soon as he headed toward his favorite recliner, his two ginger cats and the Corgi positioned themselves by the chair, starting the lap floofvalry anew.”


Hitchfloof (floofinition) – housepet’s mode of traveling by soliciting rides.

In use: “Beginning when he was a three pound puppy recovering from his horrid early life, the husky started hitchfloofing. Whenever they got up in the morning, the dog would jump up and go to one of them. Standing up on his hind legs with his front legs reaching up for them, he demanded to be carried around the house for a few minutes. Now that they were fifty years old and he was fifty-five pounds, it was harder to accommodate him.

“But they did.”

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