Affloofcianado (floofinition) – A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about animals.

In use: “Raised on a farm where she kept a pet cat, dog, goat, pig, fish, and birds, and helped with the cows and sheep and fed the chickens, Becky was an affloofcianado by age five.”

2. Floofazine written and edited by animals, dedicated to all things animals.

In use: Affloofcianado floofazine printed its first edition on Animal Day in 1901 in New Floof City, and included an article, ‘Understanding People’, with tips on how to look endearing to humans, as people were more likely to help an animal if they were attracted to them.”

Floof O’clock

Floof O’clock (Floofinition) – Time set by animals to do something.

In use: “Every morning, Papi set his internal sundial to floof o’clock, which was hours before the sun dared to squint out, rising to yowl for food, to be let out (and then back in) (and then back out), searching for the answer to the new mystery every day, ‘where is the sun?'”


Propfloofsition (floofinition) – 1. A proposal or idea involving an animal or animals.

In use: “A growing propfloofsition is that animals need safe places to cross roads, so bridges and tunnels for them to safely cross highways are being built.

2. A suggestion made by an animal.

In use: “In deed and sounds, pet owners not infrequently find their fur friends making the propfloofsition that the animal be included in any Zoom meetings conducted.

3. A stand for animal rights through the reduction of animal abuses.

In use: “Cage-free eggs, banning trophy hunting, and shutting down puppy mills are three propfloofistions by which people are trying to make sharing the world with animals more humane.”


Defloofberation (floofinition) – 1. An animal’s act of thinking about something and deciding carefully.

In use: “After opening the door for Boo (the mini panther with the white chest star), Michael endured several minutes of defloofberation as Boo sniffed the air, listened to the sounds (a bird was singing and someone was hammering some distance away), and watched for threats before finally going into the backyard.”

2. The act of discussing something about an animal, or thinking about it, and deciding carefully on a course of action.

In use: “Taking in orphaned animals, especially newborns and those whose eyes haven’t opened, requires defloofberation about what it entails as long hours of comforting the animal and hand-feeding may be involved, among other things, yet, the satisfaction from helping these animals often galvanize people to act and take them in.”


Floofcoin (floofinition) – Cryptic crypto currency apparently used by floof; how, when, and why isn’t known by humans. It seems to be tracked and traded on the floofweb.

In use: “After getting roused by two cats fighting in the backyard, Michael stumbled into the office where his third cat was on the computer. He briefly glimpsed ‘floofcoin’ on the screen before the cat’s ginger paw slashed the mouse, causing the screen to go blank. Looking at him with wide brassy eyes, the cat innocently said, “Meow,” and issued a purr.”


Bifloofcation (floofinition) – The division of animals or animal related objects or food into two branches or parts.

In use: “Whenever she fed Jam and Jelly, bifloofcation of their food and eating space was necessary, because roly-poly Jelly wanted all the food for herself.”


Icefloof (floofinition) – 1. Pet or animal who enjoys playing on or with ice.

In use: “When she dropped an ice cube, her lab leaped over. Becoming an icefloof, he began batting the cube around like it was a hockey puck.”

2. Animal who enjoys cold weather.

In use: “With his long, thick, silky fur covering him like a great robe, Quinn was an icefloof, sitting on the chair as the snow fell around him, a smile in his bright jade eyes.”

3. Animal who seems indifferent or remote.

In use: “Imposing as an ancient glacier, the little feline icefloof gazed at them with impenetrable watchfulness, issuing a growl without moving whenever they moved closer.”


Podiafloof (floofinition) – Animal who enjoys feet.

In use: “Many kittens and puppies begin as podiafloofs, chasing, attacking, and biting feet (and toes!), but Gracie (who refused the label of house panther, insisting instead that she be called a Nubian queen) remained a podiafloof all of her life (seventeen years), finding a foot and throwing all her weight down upon it, and then, going to sleep…” — from Confessions of a Nubian Queen by I.M. Afloof.


Efloofgelist (floofinition) – A person who seeks to convince others of animal rights and intelligence.

In use: “The Internet has amplified efloofgelists’ message by showing videos highlighting animals acting and thinking compassionately, like bears saving crows, a pit bull mothering kittens, a cat befriending a lynx in a zoo, and a cat embracing an orphaned squirrel as one of her own.”

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