Au Floof

Au Floof (floofinition) – An animal who helps cares for children or does domestic work for a family in return for room and board.

In use: “She adopted Lucy as an emotional support dog, but Lucy was so smart, she became an au floof, fetching slippers, the newspaper, mail from the carrier, and numerous other tasks, as well as providing security.”


Interfloofent (floofinition) – Things sporadically or erratically done between and around taking care of animals, or pampering animals.

In use: “There were always things to do but things became more interfloofent because being with his dog, a rescue — walking with him, talking with him, napping with him, etc., because the dog seemed to care about him and understand — became the most important and enjoyable part of his life.”


Bumblefloof (floofinition) – 1. An animal (other than a bee) which reminds others of a bumblebee with its sound or colors.

In use: “The little dainty gray and white cat looked nothing like a bee but her purr made her a bumblefloof, earning her the floofbriquet of Bumble.”

2. An ungainly or awkward animal who stumbles, trips, or falls over, without medical reason.

In use: “Toni was an enthusiastic big-pawed bumflefloof as a puppy, galloping about, bounding into furniture and people, knocking things over and bowling over other animals.”


Salfloofbrious (floofinition) – An animal whose presence is favorable to health or well-being, or promotes harmony and peace.

In use: “Beginning in the weeks before Debra’s breast cancer diagnosis, Karma became very loving and attentive, staying with her side as Debra underwent treatment and the cancer went into remission.”


Floofmedy (floofinition) – Humorous events or activities involving animals.

In use: “The early surge in videos and information on the web was fueled by floofmedy as people shared stories about animals stealing food, swimming in pools, and sleeping in strange places or unusual postures.”


Lumberfloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal who moves in a clumsy, awkward way.

In use: “As kittens, the polydactyl orange tabbies were lumberfloof, tripping over their paw and belly-flopping when attempting jumps, but they soon were agile little speedsters, jumping with Olympian grace and skill.”

2. Animal who climbs trees.

In use: “Many animals are natural lumbefloofs, but Jack the Beagle proved to be one, too, surprising everyone — especially the squirrels.”


Melfloofdic (floofinition) – Sounds created/made by animals which sound like music. Songbirds by nature are melfloofdic, but other animals’ sounds can also be characterized as melfloofdic. As with much music, the results are dependent can be dependent on the listener.

In use: “The Beagles raised their voices and howled, a melfloofdic explosion of their interaction with the world that brought chills to Iris’s arms and wonder to her mind, what do those dogs know?”


Mefloofiate (floofinition) – To negotiate an acceptable position between several animals or humans and animals via a third party. Pet owners often end up attempting mefloofiation with their pets regarding how often treats are given, what pets are permitted to do, where it’s acceptable for them to sleep, and so forth.

In use: “Lara attempted several times to mefloofiate acceptable places for her dog to sleep and permissible activities with her husband as the arbitrator, but the dog still slept where he wanted, kept taking umbrage at the squirrels (and barking to make his position known), and stealing her shoes (just hers, damn it!), so she finally gave up.”


Floofdity (floofinition) – An animal’s inherent nature or essence.

In use: “The floofdity of some animals is not easily discerned, but some stamp with the world with it, such as Flash, whose floofdity was that she was the only animal permitted in her property — yard or house — and that all others would be loudly threatened with a sound slashing. Quinn, on the other hand, exuded a sweet floofdity, that all was right and would always be right with the world.”

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