Floofenant (floofinition) – A usually formal and binding agreement among housepets.

In use: “Floofenants are typically negotiated between pets regarding sleeping and eating arrangements, but cats, being natural floofnarchists, often violate the floofenants, stirring consternation in the other pets.”


Plooze (floofinition) – To play while lightly dozing or napping.

In use: “Young animals will often spend hours ploozing as they eat, grow, and master their bodies, antic that humans often deem cute, especially among kittens, puppies, and baby goats.”


Yawtch (floofinition) – act of simultaneously yawning and stretching before engaging other movement.

In use: “Many house floofs will yawtch, exercising their front legs with a yawtch, then the hind legs with another yawtch, immediately upon rising, although the yawtching might be quickened if food or treats are involved.”

Inner floof

Inner floof (floofinition) – 1. In popular floofchology, the animal being dwelling in people.

In use: “Although he could easily take up two airline seats and almost hit his head on the overhead storage, his inner floof is a meerkat.”

2. In analytical psychology, the an animal’s true animal persona.

In use: “Although kittens are small, many are born with a fearless lion or tiger as their inner floof.”


Efloofcidate (floofinition) – 1. To clarify or explain to an animal.

In use: “No matter how many times Jane caught the cat on the kitchen counter and efloofcidated that the counter was one of the places where he didn’t belong, he just going on it like he was making a point.”

2. To clarify or explain, by an animal to a human.

In use: “Whenever Jose went to see why his dog was barking, the dog immediately began efloofcidating to him about what was going on through yips and whine.”

Stop and Roll

Stop and Roll (floofinition) – Animal tactic often employed by pets to get humans’ attention. The measure usually requires the animal to get in front of the human, throw their onto the ground and then wiggle or roll around while giving humans smiles.

In use: “In secret ‘How to Tame Your Human’ sessions, puppies are taught to gambol about to get humans’ attention before executing the stop and roll.”


Solifloofant (floofinition) – An animal who revels in the act of wandering alone.

In use: “Once released from the house, Bella became a solifloofant, hopping the fence, sniffing the air, exploring sources of sounds and smells.”


Flooference (floofinition) – An event at which talks on a particular subject are held, or business matters and policy are formally discussed.

In use: “Household pets often hold secret flooferences during which they discuss their roles, including which greater flooferences, such as Floofcon (held in Floof Vegas) or Floof Trek.”

Photo credit to Shadow Cats via Facebook.


Flooftigue (floofinition) – Extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness associated with an animal.

In use: “She loved her collies and cats dearly but sometimes the flooftigue experienced from their constant demands and care (especially the young, rebellious Cortney, now nickname the S.S. Rambunctious, as in “Uh, oh, the S.S. Rambunctious is under steam again, look out,”) occasionally made her wonder life without her pets would be like. Then one of them would give her a kiss and a smile, and all would be forgiven.”

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