Thunderfloof (floofinition) – Animal who makes a lot of noise when it runs.

Note: Not to be confused with floofthunder (the rumble of many animals running).

In use: “Pound for pound, the little tuxedo cat was a thunderfloof, making more noise running through the halls than any of the dogs did.”



Nofloofobia (floofinition) – The fear that there won’t be any animals.

In use: “Suffering from nofloofobia, she, aided by her husband and children, constantly saved animals, averaging an animal a week, ignoring their species, or the costs, attending to their needs and injuries, trying to keep the Earth populated with animals.”


Flooftical (floofinition) – Of or relating to addressing and coping with animals.

In use: “On the flooftical front, he learned to make himself small and quiet, to hold his hand out to be smelled, and to let the animal come to him on their terms.”


Flooftropolis (floofinition) – 1. Any city with a large animal population. 2. (slang) Expression used to denote any place with a large animal population.

In use: “All the neighborhood cats came around to hang out in Lori’s yard, which was funny, because she had a parrot and two dogs, but no cat. Neighbors began referring to it as flooftropolis.”


Floofpool (floofinition) – A vessel or tub, usually designed for holding water, waste, or laundry, that animals (typically housepets) employ as a bed.

In use: “She didn’t know that the cats were using her laundry basket as a floofpool until she tossed a pair of jeans in, and tremors went through the pile of clothes, followed by an irritated meow.”


Floofstory (floofinition) – 1. The study of past animal events, particularly in housepet affairs. 2. The complete series of events connected with a specific pet or animal.

In use: “The black cat’s floofstory was brief: he’d showed up at their house wounded and hungry, so they’d gotten him help. Meanwhile, nobody showed him as missing, so he came to be their pet though floofmentum.


Floofmentum (floofinition) – The impetus gained by an animal, especially a housepet, particularly when addressing how the animal joined a household or won someone over.

In use: “The giant parrot had to have once belonged to someone, but it’d landed in the yard and then invited itself into the house, and then, through floofmentum, came to be Lily’s best friend and constant companion.”


Flooflantis (floofinition) – A lost continent where animals established their first settlement after arriving on Earth. Highly advanced, Flooflantis was said to exist in the Atlantic Ocean and was lost for several eons due to tectonic shifts. Humans who later learned of its existence attempted to pass it off as a lost Human civilization, as people didn’t believe that animals could be so advanced and capable.

In use: “Learning of Flooflantis through guarded conversations with pigeons, squirrels, dogs, and cats, Francis Bacon adopted the tale, changing the name to Atlantis and populating it with humans.”

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