Floofviscular (floofinition) – An object or collection that resembles an animal.

In use: “From where it came, who knew? The cat seemed to shed five times as much hair as he ever had on his body. And then it came together in a floofviscular display, as if a mini-clone had been created on the floor.”


Dinofloof (floofinition)  – An elderly animal.

In use: “He moved slowly, with arthritic joints, and his graying fur marked him as a dinofloof, but Marty waited upon him with care, because she’d never met anywhere as sweet and loyal as him, and he deserved loyalty in return.”

Bruce Floofsteen

Bruce Floofsteen (floofinition) – Floofmerican vocalist and songwriter, leader of the Floof Street Band.

In use: “Among Bruce Floofsteen’s many songs are “Thunder Feet”, “Born to Bark”, and “Playin’ in the Dark”, but ask one of his many fans and they’d probably name a dozen more.”


Defloofilate (floofinition) – To impair action via an animals’ behavior or presence.

In use: “Sleeping pets in the sunlit living room defloofilated vacuuming and sweeping plans. Instead, he went and played a quiet computer game.”

Floofo Voce

Floofo Voce (floofinition) – Voice modified or used specifically when speaking to animals.

In use: “Many people changed their pitch and tone when speaking to their pets, employing a floofo voce approach rich with their love and concern for their pets, but could also be employed with mild changes, to a play voice.”

Floof Thorogood & The Floof Destroyers

Floof Thorogood & The Floof Destroyers (floofinition) – American musical group that fuses slide guitars with hard floof rock (flock) and blues styles.

In use: “Floof Thorogood & The Floof Destroyers put on an energetic show with songs like “I Eat Alone” and “Bad Through the Fur”, which are often used in television shows and movies.”


Infloofmation (floofinition) – Facts provided or learned about animals.

In use: “Living with an animal provided people with infloofmation, but didn’t necessarily make them animal experts. They often learned wide gulfs of differences usually existed between animals, even when they were of the same species.”

— National Floofographic Magazine, Floofuary 32, 2009.


Floofstream (floofinition) – 1. The ideas, behavior, or attitudes that are regarded as normal or conventional for animals.

In use: “Floofstream beliefs (or was it baseless myth?) claimed the dogs and cats should be at one another, but her dogs and cats turned that belief on its head with their partnerships. Several of the cats even seemed to like the dogs better than other cars. No doubt, they seemed to like the dogs better than her, too, except when it was time to eat.”

2. The dominant trend in animal society.

In use: “As the idea that humans could be trusted, and even exploited to their advantage became more floofstream, animals began searching for new ways to improve animal-human relationships and build their partnership.”

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