Flooftini (floofinition) – A martini of any variation which includes animal fur in it. Sometimes also referred to as a floofy martini.

In use: “It was his habit to make martinis for him and his wife after dinner, and they became floofinis, accepted as the cost of having three cats, two dogs, a rabbit, and a hamster as pets, a tiny, tiny price to pay.”


Dysfloofia (floofinition) – The inability to understand or relate to animals, especially pets.

In use: “The root cause of dysfloofia is often a faulty belief that animals don’t have a soul, are ignorant and unthinking beasts, or that they don’t have feelings.”

Better than Floof

Better than Floof (floofinition) – Floof Orleans-based floofsical group formed in 1988. The four original members were all Loufloofsia State University attendees when they formed the band.

In use: “Better than Floof major song was their first hit, “Good”, which was featured in the film, The Floof-Sitters Club.


Infloofception (floofinition) – An animal’s action or behavior that prevents a person from continuing to a destination or completing a task.

In use: “Many people working from home during the pandemic experience infloofceptions as their pets floofspire to play, be fed, or sleep on top of laptops.”


Prefloofcupied (floofinition) – 1. To be distracted by an animal’s behavior, needs, or wants.

In use: “She’d planned to get up and make a coffee cake but became prefloofcupied with the kittens.”

2. An animal who seems obsessed or deeply focused on a sound, action, or activity.

In use: “She opened a can and called her dog, but he was prefloofcupied with something beyond her view outside.”


Floofvancing (floofinition) – Advocating for animals through protests, public service announcements, and affirmative actions.

In use: “With the spread of the Interfloof, floofvancing reached new levels in 2020 as people sheltering at home adopted pets and condemned animal abuse and game hunting.”


NFLOOF (floofinition) – Floofmerican floof band. Known for its harmonizing, the band was formed in Floolando, Floofida, in 1995. They were active until 2002.

In use: “The song “I Want Floof Back” was the first single that NFLOOF released, doing so in 1996. The song reached the top ten in several nations.”


Flooftropolitan (floofinition) – Relating to or denoting a flooftropolis, often inclusive of its surrounding areas.

In use: “The greater flooftropolitan area of Floofsburgh includes Floof Hills, Floof Borough, Wilkinsfloof, McKees Floof, Squirrel Floof, and Monfloofville, along with other places.”

The Escape Floof

The Escape Floof (floofinition) – Flooflish floof pop (floop) band formed in 1983. Active until 1992, they took a hiatus before reforming in 2009. They are currently active.

In use: “The Escape Floof’s best known hit, “Wild Wild Floof”, hit number one in Floofmerica in 1988 and was certified as a gold record.”

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