Floofquest (floofinition) – 1. A housepet’s arduous or determined journey to achieve something or reach or capture an object, such as a red dot on the floor or a buzzing fly. 2. People’s efforts to find a new housepet. 3. Rescuer’s efforts to find and help animals.

In use: “The new young dog discovered treats after he’d arrived in his new home and came out of his shell. Within days, he began a floofquest for treats whenever a human went to the kitchen. And with those big eyes of his and his happy grin, it mostly worked.”



Floofball (floofinition) –¬†A broad set of games involving housepets and round objects. Balls may be used, but blueberries and peas suffice, as do lids, buttons, and pens. The rules vary, usually dependent on species. Generally, cats like to play, “Knock It Off” and dogs enjoy fetch.

In use: “She wasn’t large, but she was smart and playful, particularly enjoying floofball games. While an expert at “Knock It Off”, which she played on the bedroom dresser at one in the morning every day, she also starred at knocking down bouncing ping-pong balls, and was a champion playing fetch with plastic jingle balls.”




Floofpet (floofinition) – 1. A floor covering dominating by lounging, sitting, or sleeping housepets or their shed fur. 2. One animal that seems to be another animal’s personal pet.

In use: “The front door was open but it wasn’t much use trying to go that way, as the sleeping cats and dogs had created an impassable floofpet, leaving no paths for people to use.”


Floofnut (floofinition) – 1. Someone obsessed with animals, especially housepets such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. 2. A housepet with silly, erratic, or unusual behavior that’s often humorous and endearing. 3. A kibble treat for animals shaped like a doughnut or nut. 4. A doughnut that looks like an animal, such as a cat or dog.

In use: “With twenty-three housepets, he was beginning to wonder if he’d become the floofnut that his friends always accused him of being.”


Floofatorium (floofinition) – A large building or hall used for animal gatherings, typically to witness speeches or stage performances, or to have very large meals.

In use: “Walking through his house and spotting multiple food bowls and feeding stations for their thirteen cats and seven dogs, he thought that his house was beginning to resemble a floofatorium.”


Astfloonomy (floofinition) – 1. A practice held by animals of gazing at the night sky; 2. Branch of science devoted to finding the shapes of animals in the stars.

In use: “A professor emeritus of astfloonomy, he pointed and said, “If you connect those stars, you can see a small mouse.” He looked down at the cat. “See it?” The cat did not reply, which was a reply.”


Floofamine (floofinition) – a catecholamine neurotransmitter in human’s central nervous system acting within the brain to help regulate movement and emotion when dealing with pets.

In use: “Floofologists who study psychological¬†disorders have long been interested in how floofamine works and how relatively high or low levels in the brain relate to behavioral changes when people are interacting with their housepets.”


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