Flooflord (floofinition) – 1. A person with a lot of animals.

In use: “With five cats, three birds, two lizards, and four dogs, many of her neighbors considered Libby to be a flooflord.”

2. Animal who rules other animals and humans.

In use: “Despite a household with three large dogs and two mature cats (and four children and two adults), the new kitten was the flooflord without a week, manipulating others with cuteness, sweetness, and cussedness.”

3. (slang) Person who constantly posts or comments about animals on the net.

In use: “Bryan couldn’t help himself from being a flooflord because his two cats and one dog were just so dang cute and smart, he was constantly sharing pet stories and photos on the net.”


Fingerfloof (floofinition) – An animal obsessed with fingers.

In use: “He and the cat had shared a house for five years but it was only since the pandemic enforced staying at home that the cat had become a fingerfloof, seeking them while he slept in bed at night, read a book on a chair, or — the worst because it was the most intrusive — nuzzling his fingers when they rested on the mouse as he worked.”


Floofnag (floofinition) – An animal who can be annoying or irritating until they’re appeased.

In use: “Bevery tries organizing her day according to her priorities but it’s always subject to the floofnags — Pepper, a little Dachshund and his ally in mischief, a diluted calico named Dust — who demanded treats whenever she starts a Zoom meeting and has a consistent need to be in all rooms with her.”


Floofclave (floofinition) – A group of animals’ distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit established within another territory.

In use: “The dogs established a floofclave on the back patio while the cats decreed that the sunroom was their space, but Sugar, the new scamperbeast brazenly went wherever she desired, sleeping and playing among dogs and cats, regardless of floofclave.”


Floofbacle (floofinition) – A sudden and ignominious failure or fiasco involving animals.

In use: “People with new kittens and puppies often must adjust to coming home and discovering a floofbacle as the animals encounter and destroy things like house plants, pillows, and rolls of toilet paper.”


Floofbular (floofinition) – Floofdarin slang term, adopted from the eighties slang term, ‘tubular’, used among animals to express high regard or appreciation for something.

In use: “The cats thought getting tuna was fantastic. “Floofbular,” one told the other, which, to the unschooled in Floofdarin, sounded like a rising and falling trilling-mewing-purr.”


Floofnorant (floofinition) – People who are oblivious of animals and animal behavior, except for the barest awareness that animals exist.

In use: “Many of the floofnorant sniff and make disdainful noises that animals are dumb, don’t have emotions, and don’t feel pain. People who live with animals have a much different view.”

A Day in the Life

He sits and washes

Curls up and sleeps

Runs to the food bowl

And sits and eats

Yawns and stretches

Curls up and sleeps

Begs for treats

Curls up and sleeps

Runs and scratches

Curls up and sleeps

Plays with a toy

Curls up and sleeps

Goes outside

Curls up and sleeps

Comes back in

Sits and eats

Plays on the laptop

Curls up and sleeps

Takes my chairs

Curls up and sleeps

Watches birds and squirrels

Curls up and sleeps

Then sits and washes

Curls up and sleeps

Runs to the food bowl

And sits and eats


Cancflooflation (floofinition) – An event, plan, action, or activity that is stopped due to an animal.

In use: “They’d planned to clean the house but a cancflooflation was made because the cat and dog were sleeping together in a long patch of sunshine and looked so darn cute.”

Peeping Floof

Peeping Floof (floofinition) – Animal who likes to furtively spy upon others.

In use: “One dog, two cats, one crow, and one squirrel — all were peeping floofs, monitoring every move that Wade made, from the bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen, garage, office — a peeping floof was always monitoring him.”

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