Derfloofative (floofinition) – Animal behavior or actions which is imitative of behavior or actions of another animal or a person.

In Use: “A video of Riptide‘s derfloofative behavior when he attends an exercise class has people on the net watching and laughing.”


Subservfloofent (floofinition) – Someone who unquestioningly obeys animals’ requests, especially when dealing with pets.

In use: “Becky acknowledged that she was subservfloofent to her dog, answering every bark or look immediately, asking, ‘What is it, what’s the matter, what can I get you?'”

Luminal Floof

Luminal Floof (floofinition) – An animal at the threshold of change of life or situation, especially those who have endured and are starting anew under fresh circumstances.

In use: “The luminal floof, nominally a five-year-old cat appeared older, aged by years on the street, enduring winters, dodging traffic, and begging for food, still awaited a name at its new home, but took advantage of the quiet and secure warmth to stretch, yawn, and sleep.”


SNOFIE: Suspicious Nearby Object Floof Inspection & Examination (floofinition) – Highly developed process involving smelling, listening, eyeing, and sometimes tasting (SLET), employed by floofs to ascertain whether new materials or creatures found at hand is safe.

In use: “Using SLET, animals newly introduced to a home will recalibrate their SNOFIE by walking through all the rooms, visiting with every object, critter, and piece of furniture that they encounter.”


Primfloofal (floofinition) – Of or pertaining to an animal’s earliest existence.

In use: “The primfloofal days when a new pet joins a household are often ones of balances and exploration — balances as they test others and learn trust and boundaries, exploration as they sniff and look around, becoming accustomed to their new world.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

The wheel has turned, and we’ve come, at last, to Thursday, October 21, 2021. A warmer day here. Dryer. Lively with wind teasing fabulous fall foliage. Red leaves dressed scarlet to merlot are in abundance, competing with warm pumpkin orange leaves, bright yellows, bronzes, and burnished golds. All against the enduring greens offered by firs, evergreens, and pines. While the current temperature is a pleasant 58 F out there, we expect it to get ten degrees warmer. Sunrise overtook us at 7:30 AM and sunset will transpire at 6:20 PM. The cats are generally enjoying it. Winds are not their thing, but they find places for a cozy nap outside.

They don’t know it, but the click is ticking. A cyclone bomb is heading our way. That entails stronger winds and much more rain. The cats will not be happy.

Today’s tune occupying the morning mental music stream is a Rush song called “Subdivisions” from 1982. It came through on the heels of yesterday’s music. After I played yesterday’s selection, I let the music keep rolling on Youtube as I typed with my headphones on. “Subdivisions” was one of the subsequent melodies heard. I haven’t heard it in quite some time. Sort of surprising, as classic rock stations that I tune into often play Rush music. I usually hear “New World Man”, “Tom Sawyer”, “Limelight”, or “Closer to the Heart”. I like “Subdivisions”. As it cut into my thinking, I flipped the puter over to the Youtube tab and enjoyed the live performance.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax or booster when you can, as you can. And remember, drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated is very important. I have water and coffee beside me now. Ready to write and roll. Here’s the music. Enjoy.


Precfloofdent (floofinition) – Earlier incident, action, or event involving an animal that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent like circumstances.

In use: “Animals are singular about precfloofdent, believing that what they do constitute legal flooftication to do the same again, regardless of what humans may say about it — especially if food or sleeping locations are involved.”

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