Happy International Women’s Day

A friend owns an online business called 1000Museums. Quoting them, “1000MUSEUMS is the place to discover, shop and share museums and exhibitions from around the world!” It’s a fascinating site. They’re offering a flash sale to honor IWD. If you have an interest, take a peek. If you want to buy, use the code. Better hurry. Flashes don’t last.


Exofloof (floofinition) 1. Pet or animal who prefers being outdoors.

In use: “The small long-haired cat, Quinn, was an exofloof, hurrying to the door and rushing out, tail up, in search of mild adventure and sunshine.

2. Being without an animal after having one.

In use: “Many struggle to be exofloof when they lose their pet, missing the antics, companionship, and love.”

This Made Me Smile

Candice is always sharing intriguing photos that make you smile. In her spirit I saw two places today while I was out and offer them.

The first is a sign of children story locations, located above a Little Library on an Ashland street.

These are by someone’s house on Walker in Ashland. I suppose I could politely inquire about their story and history. Maybe someday I will. For now, though, it’s fun to see them and imagine why they’re there. Hard to do justice to them, but they’re a tiny door and tiny window set into the side of an embankment. On the top is a small bridge.


Dynafloof (floofinition) 1. Animal with an explosive personality or exhibiting explosive behavior.

In use: “The little kitten, Tobi, was a dynafloof, terrorizing the other cats and dogs in non-stop sessions, then eating before falling asleep at his food bowl.”

2. Pet with an abundant amount of energy.

In use: “Carole the Corgi was a dynafloof, herding the children through through morning routines, running with Mom on the treadmill, and patrolling the yard with relentless vigilance.”


Camoufloof (floofinition) – The use of fur and materials employed by a pet or animal to hide and blend in with their surroundings.

In use: “Namaste, Carrie’s golden retriever, adopted the new ginger housefloof named Aloha. Aloha and Namaste quickly partnered in everything, and the shy little feline floof often used camoufloof to sleep unseen in Namaste’s embrace.”


Bathfloof (floofinition) – Animal who insists on being in the bathroom when people are using it.

In use: “T.C. was a notorious bathfloof, insisting on being in the bathroom with everyone, but also getting upset and vocal whenever he was in the bathroom and they closed the door, making bathroom use a challenging prospect for guests.”

The White Crocs Dream

Friends and I were gathering to celebrate. What a great experience, to be with friends, right? Yes. There was fourteen of us. The plan was we’d met the night before, sleep over, and then begin the celebration the next morning. Unfortunately, nine white crocodiles were hampering activities.

The crocs ranged from four to seven feet long. They’d been beaten out of the room before but now they were creeping back in. It was an odd sight: white crocodiles moving forward on plush light blue carpet, trying to hide under beds and chairs. Noticing them getting close to a friend, I called out a warning, then grabbed a piece of wood and beat the croc back.

Other crocs were coming in. I told everyone, “Come on, grab a stick, beat them back. If we don’t, they’ll be there, waiting to get us in the morning.” Finding bats, sticks, lumber in this plush room, we beat the crocs back together.

We left the room to begin the celebration. I kept a stick with me, just in case. We went outside and sat together at a dark green picnic table. A parade was going by. We were honoring MH and MQ. MH was there with us, but MQ had passed away almost six years before. We decided we’d drink something in MQ’s honor. Well, his favorite drink was compardri, someone declared, producing a thick red drink in a champagne flute. I’d never heard of the drink and had never seen MH drink it or mention. Well, whatever, though.

Two women were assigned to assist me. They sat down on either side of me and promised that they’d make sure I’d have things to eat and drink. I thanked them. MH talked about going to get something to eat. The parade was still going on, so we decided to drink more. MH asked me what I wanted to drink. I indicated I’d stick with the compardri.

MQ showed up. I was delighted to see him. He handed me a phone. I didn’t want to talk on the phone and told him. He answered, “I think you want to take this call,” with that gentle voice and smile he often employed.

I accepted the phone and said hello. A woman said, “Thank you for caring about our older people.” She then went into a short but boring speech. As I prepared to hang up, she said, “MQ was given two fellowships, and he’s chosen to bestow one of these on you.” As I realized what was being said, shock hit and I began crying in gratitude. I said, “I don’t deserve this.” MQ, standing beside me, looked at me and smiled. Ed Sherrin’s song, “Perfect”, began playing.

Yeah, weird song to finish with.


Metfloofica (floofinition) – Califloofia metal flock (floof rock) band formed in Floof Angeles in 1981. They rode their aggressive yet melodic style to form, finding significant commercial success with their third album, and developing an international following that made them one of the most popular bands of all time.

In use: “Metfloofica’s third album, Master of Floofets, (which included a song by the same title) was released in 1986 and was hailed by some critics as a masterpiece.”


Apresfloof (floofinition) 1. Period of mourning after losing a floof.

In use: “Apresfloof was difficult as he looked for his companion each morning, ready to follow the greeting and feeding ritual of the last twelve years, a ritual no longer needed.”

2. Time of worry when a pet disappears.

In use: “Apresfloof began that night, when Skunky didn’t return from his prowls as he’d done every night. Wilson began a watch, going into the cold night every hour to call the cat’s name.”

3. The initial days after adding an animal to the household.

In use: “The first days can be difficult as humans and pet experience apresfloof and learn to trust one another.”

March Monday Madness

  1. Thinking of the post’s title brings back memories and a smile. Pre-pandemic, I used to regularly visit a coffee shop. I usually ordered mochas there. So, it was Michael’s mocha. Going with the alliteration scheme, Michal’s Mocha sometimes became Michael’s March Madness Monday Mocha. It also took place in May. Just harmless fun, banter between me and the ‘ristas.
  2. The skunk under the house was active last night. Lots of squeaking under the master bath and then arose that smell. We admire this skunk for her persistence and tenacity. She’s like a writer, never giving up, you know?
  3. I shut down the skunk’s activity last nightwell, it was this morning, really, one twenty-five AM by all the standard references — with the iPad. Turning it on, I called up a video of David Frost interviews. Setting the iPad on the bathroom floor with the volume turned up, I plugged it in so it wouldn’t run out of juice, and closed the door. As soon as David Frost began speaking, the squeaking ceased.
  4. Just to make home life more interesting, we now have what seems to be a gopher hole in the back yard. Investigations are ongoing. More reports forthcoming. We’re a no-kill household, so I’ll probably be turning to sonic stakes to drive them away.
  5. I’m always fearful of calling down the muses’ wrath when I mention that writing is going well, that I’m enjoying the process and entertaining myself with what I write, so I won’t mention it.
  6. I really enjoyed the 60Minutes interview with Colson Whitehead that aired Sunday. First novel rejected twenty-five times and never published. He writes for himself but hopes that one person will identify with and like what he writes, and maybe one will become ten, etc. That’s me paraphrasing, based on what I heard, and perhaps what I wanted to take away from his outlook. He’s won two Pulitzer Prizes, which, great, congratulations to him. More importantly, those two books are in the house in my reading pile. My wife read both and recommend them to me. I seriously trust and respect her judgment in these matters. So, I’ll put those books higher on the pile.
  7. The reading pile is always growing, it seems. Books get recommended or passed on. Reviews are read and chords are struck. Friends publish new books and must be read. A new favorite author is discovered and other works are hunted down for reading. Then, there’s the non-fiction side. Reading is a constant requirement. I’m fortunate to have the time to indulge myself.
  8. I was reading in the living room yesterday afternoon. The book at hand was Countdown City by Ben Winters. It’s a quick, engaging noir adventure. Sunshine bubbled in over my shoulders through the blinds. Sitting, listening, in a pause from reading, I heard no electronics running. No lights were on. The furnace and refrigerator were silent. Radios and television were off, though clocks are running. The home weather station was running, and so was the net and laptops and the associated equipment. But none of these things made sounds. I enjoyed the sunny stillness.
  9. Thinking of clocks…four ‘clocks’ are in the house. Two are in the kitchen, in the microwave and range. Another is in the bedroom. The fourth is a battery operated clock in the snug. But then, we wear Fitbits, which offer us the time. So do the phones, the thermostat, and laptops, printer, and tablets. We track time everywhere.
  10. I’m fussy about synchronizing the clocks, too. I think, or at least, pretend, that it harkens back to my military career. Being synchronized to the second was important to us in that life.
  11. Also to keep life interesting — because these are such boring, tedious times — credit card fraud struck us. I was reviewing my credit card billing last week. It’s a weekly habit for me to go online and review all the finances, a time-killing activity to fill space when I’m putting off doing something else. It just takes a few minutes. Well, lo’, there was a small charge that I didn’t recognize. After verifying it didn’t belong to my wife, I challenged it with the company. They responded by cancelling that card and sending me a new one. However, they didn’t tell me that they were doing that. First I know of it was when the credit card was rejected. That spun me up fast. Suspecting it was related to the fraud that I reported, I checked into the account to look for notice that such is what happened. No notice. A chat with an agent was required to verify cause and effect. It would have been nice to be warned or notified that they’d done this, right? Irritating customer service policy, to say the least.
  12. We have only two credit card accounts. Each is used for certain activities, to help limit exposure. That meant, though, that we are down one credit card. Momentarily, yes, but it’s a domino effect. Emails arrive, hey, your card was rejected, what up? No idea when the new card will arrive so some activities are on stuck in a queue. Whereas I had reduced checking the mail to once a week in general, sometimes twice in one week, I’ll now be going to the mailbox daily.
  13. Also, I knew that credit card information. I could rattle off the number, expiration date, and security code without hesitation. Now I’m forced to learn a new number and particulars. Yeah, I like whining, don’t I?
  14. Got my coffee. Ready to write like crazy at least one more time.

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