Floofcurious (floofinition) – Curiosity or openness about other animals regardless of breed, species, or preferences.

In use: “Big Sherman — Sherm to everyone — was a floofcurious German Shepherd who checked out every person and animal he met with a wagging tail and big grin, giving them space until they accepted them, and then claiming them as a new best friend forever.”

Tuesday’s Wandering Thought

The coffee shop is full of refugees, if you will. The roads heading south into northern California, Interstate 5 and Highway 101, are closed for a blizzard. Several groups exchanged tales. They expected rain — it’s spring, you know — but they didn’t expect this snow. I feel for them and their disrupted plans, but they have phones and computers, and a comfortable place with okay food and good coffee.

The place has become packed, and of course, their vibe is totally different from the rest of us.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

It’s Tuesday again. Seems like it was just last week that it was Tuesday. The way these days just keep coming around can drive you nuts if you think about it. Answer from friends and wife: don’t think about it. snort

It’s March 28, 2023. 2023’s first quarter is coming to an end. Time to close the books, take stock of how ya did, and make adjustments. It’s a spring-winter day here — sprinter — with snow and cold temperatures refusing to stop threatening us. Dropped to 36 F last night, which is warmer than we’ve been having at night, but lower than Ashlandia’s typical nighttime temperatures.

It’s 37 F now. No blue sky, just a white plain illuminated by sunshine from behind, and a few small flurries sometimes spilling down. Sunrise was a little before seven and sunset will come at 7:30 PM.

Papi was out enjoying this for about four minutes and twenty seconds before beating on the front door. He’d been let out the back. Usually, with our eaves, he can walk around the house without getting wet but today’s winds have the rain slanting in from the east — the backyard, so he stepped out into it. Upon his return inside, the ginger floof galloped around the living room, through the dining room and down a hall and back three times. I believe he was trying to air dry himself by running fast.

Big new today: they changed Wordle.

I have a song out of 2009 called “Check My Brain” by Alice In Chains going round and round (you know, like the Ratt song?) in my morning mental music stream. When I first heard it on its release, there was no doubt it was AIC. They have interesting indelible vocal mixes. Today’s song came from my wife’s comment last night because she couldn’t remember something, announcing, “Check my brain. Is it still there?” The Neurons were all like, “Ooo, ooo, I know that song,” and commenced playing.

Stay positive. Hope your weather is lovely where you’re at and you have a chance to enjoy it. Seize the day! I’ve seized the coffee. It’s a start. Here’s the music. Cheers

Monday’s Wandering Thoughts

Breaking news arrives. Many can be ignored — he doesn’t really think of them as breaking news, but whatever. Different strokes, right?

Today’s breaking news update said, “Nashville — Three children, three adults”

Breath held, he clicked to read more, fearing what might follow, hoping that the next words are safe. But no, the three children and three adults are dead, results from the latest school shootings in the United States. Another sigh is felt, more weariness is enjoined.

Well, at least everyone can own a gun. You know, in case they ever need to fight zombies.

Cougar Update

One friend from the north end of town two miles away shared a video of a cougar dragging a deer across their yard. Another friend stopped by at the coffee house and showed a video of a cougar passing his front door with a raccoon in his mouth. The second friend lives a mile away in another direction.

Yeah, they’re out there. Meanwhile, someone else posted video of a bear cub running back and forth across the street not far from the downtown plaza. Nature always provides things to think about, if you pay attention. I told the cats, “Cougars are why I try to keep you guys inside.”

They looked at me like I was crazy.

Monday’s Theme Music

The wheel has spun and landed on Monday. Again. I feel like it’s rigged. But again, what do we know about what’s going on?

It’s March 27, 2023. 33 degrees F in Ashlandia after the sun showed up sevenish to drive off some of the night’s cold. Not looking like spring, sure doesn’t feel like spring. Cats didn’t even ask to go out this morning. They were all, “Wake me when winter ends.” The weather whisperers think it’ll rain today. High of 44 F degrees before the sun’s setting somewhere after seven PM, and the wheel spins again.

Quiet in Ashlandia, on the surface. Beneath it, arguments, accusations, and debates rage. Southern Oregon University has terminated instructors and cut classes, gutting programs. Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s director is claiming racism and arguments are going on whether it’s true. Their revenue has dropped from $40 million to $4 million. Questions arise, is that right? What happened? What will fuel the comeback? Structural debt lurks in the city’s bloated budget. Parks and Recs want more money and it’s not there. They want to build a new swimming pool for ten million, though the city has one. How many pools does it need? What’s wrong with what we have? Money is needed for a new water treatment plant — or should the current one be repaired and updated? The city hall conundrum rages on, should we build one — where — and where will the money be found? — or can the current building be fixed. Same question is applied to the community center. Behind all of these topics remain the annual usual concerns of water shortages, drought, wildfire, and smoke. Stay tuned; another election has been scheduled for May to address these matters. Meanwhile, the crumbling roads need work.

After reading and reading each side’s take on these matters and more, I have the Pixies singing “Gouge Away” from 1989 in the morning mental music stream…

Stay pos, keep calm, and carry on. Coffee helps me in that regard. Here’s the tune. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers

Community Effort

Several friends, Bob and Ellis, were in the coffee shop, sitting at a table a few feet away. Both are regulars. Bob comes in and does the Times crossword puzzle every day.

He shouted to Ellis, “I can’t get this clue. Can you help? It says, James Coburn film, In Like. I don’t know what it is. Do you know?”

“What is it?” Ellis shouted back.

Bob shouted his request again.

Sitting nearby, Michael shouted, “In Like Flint, Bob.”

Ellis said, “Let me think.”

Michael shouted, “In Like Flint.”

Bob and Ellis looked at Michael. “What’s that?” Bob asked.

“In Like Flint.”

“Flynn fits.” Bob looked at Ellis. “You ever hear of that?”

“It seems familiar,” Ellis replied.

Bob beamed at Michael. “It fits. Thanks, Michael.”

“You’re welcome,” Michael answered. “Sometimes it takes a community.”

Saturday’s Wandering Thought

He and his wife have a friend, Heather, a fake name for this tale. Heather is an actor. Heather’s best friend in New York, where she lives, is also an actor. Heather’s friend is a regular on a TV show he and his wife enjoy watching. Whenever Heather’s friend comes on for the first time on the show, one of them will say, “There’s Heather’s friend.”

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