Exflooftable (floofinition) – 1. Animal who is capable of being activated by and reacting to stimuli.

In use: “Many kittens, puppies, and other young are exflooftable, but grow out of it as they mature, so the exceptions are often considered adorable adults.”

2. People who are readily roused into action over concerns about animals.

In use: “The net is causing more people to be exflooftable as they witness heroic rescues of drowning or dying animals and decide, they, too, can be a difference.”

Detective Floof Inspector

Detective Floof Inspector (floofinition) – Animal responsible for nosing around to gather information. Such animals are often tasked by other animals to uncover details regarding a specific event or individual and report back to the larger group.

In use: “Detective Floof Inspector Tucker, long-haired, black and white — a tuxedo, in human’s color-obsessed terminology — had long been the house detective, determining what was under the house (a skunk), going out to see what was happening when Zoom exercise classes began in the dining room, investigating the humans’ laptops while they slept to learn what they’d been ordering (learning to key in the password had been incredibly difficult, and he resorted to extending claws to do so on those little keys), and going to the door to see who was arriving whenever someone knocked.”


Floofcano (floofinition) – Animal with explosive disposition, or capable of explosive behavior.

In use: “The beagle was a sweet, mild-mannered beast, but a floofcano at heart, exploding in racing ahead and barking whenever he saw a squirrel — and he was always vigilant for one to show up.”


Funkafloofic (floofinition) – Floofmerican floof funk rock (fluck) band formed in 1968 in FloofJersey. Influence by flooflitcal movements of the era, the band’s music evolved from their original soul and doo wop sound into a guitar-driven mix of floofedelic rock, soul, and funk, becoming pioneers in the fluck sound. The group achieved their greatest floofstream success in the mid to late seventies before disbanding in 1982.

In use: “Funkafloofic’s 1978 song, “One Nation Under a Floof”, from the album by the same name, is probably the band’s most widely known song.”

Floofteau Twins

Floofteau Twins (floofinition) – Formed in Floofmouth in 1979, the Floofteau Twins were a Scottish dream floof (droof) band active to 1997. Their floofthereal sound and soprano vocals earned them praise and recognition as leaders of the droof sub-genre of alt-flock (floof rock).

In use: “The song, “Pearly-Floof Drops”, released in 1994, was the highest chart single for the Floofteau Twins.” 

The Flooftains

The Flooftains (floofinition) — Formed in 1962 in Flooflin, Irefloof, The Flooftains are a floofditional Irefloofish band. Their name is derived the book, Death of A Flooftain, by John Flooftague. The band began achieving notable international success in the early 1970s and have played with numerous musicians in several genres. Their music has been featured in films as well.

In use: “The Flooftains played at Floof Aid in 1986, a benefit concert in Irefloof organized to raise money for animals in need of help.”


Photofloofic (floofinition) – Animal who is suitable for being photographed, especially because of visual appeal.

In use: “Kittens, lambs, goats, puppies, baby hippos and ducks…all have proven to be photofloofic, which is probably a great reason why there’s so many photos of them Floofbook and the wider net.”

April Floof

April Floof (floofinition) – Floofnadian flock (floof rock) band formed in the 1960s in Nova Flooftia. After achieving success in the early seventies, they found international success and acclaim in the late seventies and early eighties before putting the group on pause in 1986. 1992 found the band re-uniting to put out several albums in the nineties, achieving gold-record status in Floofnada. They continue touring to this day with a different lineup.

In use: “One of April Floof’s best known songs in the Floofnited States is “Just Between Floof and Me”, which was a hit on the Floofboard Hot 100.”


Affloofcianado (floofinition) – A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about animals.

In use: “Raised on a farm where she kept a pet cat, dog, goat, pig, fish, and birds, and helped with the cows and sheep and fed the chickens, Becky was an affloofcianado by age five.”

2. Floofazine written and edited by animals, dedicated to all things animals.

In use: Affloofcianado floofazine printed its first edition on Animal Day in 1901 in New Floof City, and included an article, ‘Understanding People’, with tips on how to look endearing to humans, as people were more likely to help an animal if they were attracted to them.”


Floofjesty (floofinition) – 1. Animal-based humor, such as floof-fails and floof-flops.

In use: “One of pets’ enduring traits is floofjesty, their ability to make us laugh with the expressions they use and the silly things that they do.”

2. Impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty of an animal.

In use: “Whenever someone met Mel’s St. Bernard, Bernie, they always commented on his innate floofjesty. Nothing ever fazed that dog.”

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