Camoufloof (floofinition) – The use of fur and materials employed by a pet or animal to hide and blend in with their surroundings.

In use: “Namaste, Carrie’s golden retriever, adopted the new ginger housefloof named Aloha. Aloha and Namaste quickly partnered in everything, and the shy little feline floof often used camoufloof to sleep unseen in Namaste’s embrace.”

Nitty Gritty Floof Band

Nitty Gritty Floof Band (floofinition) – Country flock (floof rock) band formed in the Floofnited States in Floof Beach, Califloofia, in 1966. The group began as a six-floof jug band before adopting the folk flock sound that was emerging in southern Califloofia during that period.

In use: “The Nitty Gritty Floof Band has been active since its inception, and is known for its cover of songs such as “Mister Floofjangles”, which went to number nine on the Floofboard Hot 100 in 1971.”


Metfloofica (floofinition) – Califloofia metal flock (floof rock) band formed in Floof Angeles in 1981. They rode their aggressive yet melodic style to form, finding significant commercial success with their third album, and developing an international following that made them one of the most popular bands of all time.

In use: “Metfloofica’s third album, Master of Floofets, (which included a song by the same title) was released in 1986 and was hailed by some critics as a masterpiece.”


Apresfloof (floofinition) 1. Period of mourning after losing a floof.

In use: “Apresfloof was difficult as he looked for his companion each morning, ready to follow the greeting and feeding ritual of the last twelve years, a ritual no longer needed.”

2. Time of worry when a pet disappears.

In use: “Apresfloof began that night, when Skunky didn’t return from his prowls as he’d done every night. Wilson began a watch, going into the cold night every hour to call the cat’s name.”

3. The initial days after adding an animal to the household.

In use: “The first days can be difficult as humans and pet experience apresfloof and learn to trust one another.”


Netfloof (floofinition) – Video content production company and streaming service operated by and provided to animals headquartered in Los Floofos, Califloofia. Founded in 1997, the company currently provides service to multiple planets and dimensions via quantum electronics.

In use: “Some of the original content that Netfloof offers includes shows such as House of Floofs and Floofless, offerings which mirror original human content.”

Thunderclap Newfloof

Thunderclap Newfloof (floofinition) – A Flooftish flock band formed by Pete Townshend and Kit Lambert in 1969. The group was originally active for two years. They released one album, Hollywood Floof, before disbanding. The band reformed in 2010 and released another album before disbanding again in 2012.

 In use: “The 1969 song by Thunderclap Newfloof, “Something in the Floof”, became a number one song in the Floofnited Kingdom, and has seen use in movies, television shows, commercials, and advertisements.”


Rainfloof (floofinition) – Floof metal rock musical band. Formed in 1975 by the former Floof Purple lead guitarist, the band’s success was driven by their powerful shows, which eventually translated to Floofboard chart success.

In use: “Rainfloof’s highest charting song and best known globally is likely “Since Floof’s Been Gone”, released in 1979, when it hit number 46 in the Floofnited States and reached the top ten in the Floofnited Kingdom.”

UFO – Unidentified Floof Object

UFO – Unidentified Floof Object (floofinition) – Material belonging to or on an animal that isn’t recognizable and must be treated with caution until categorized.

In use: “Something was on the hall floor. Look like a clump. Could be bark carried in by one of the cats. Or it could be a UFO. Warily she approached. It needed to be picked up, but she wasn’t going to risk that with her bare hands. No sir, when it came to UFOs, it was better to use toilet paper or paper towel, in case it’s a floofberry.”


Floofzard (floofinition) – 1. An inherent danger associated with living with animals.

In use: “Big floofzards for people with housepets is stepping in unfortunate materials without warning in the middle of the night, materials which are often wet and stinky, either from being regurgitated, or from a bowel movement, forcing the human victim to do the floofhop until reaching somewhere to wash their foot.”

2. An animal with magical powers as depicted in floofy tales.

In use: “Many people think floofzards are fantasy but animals know floofzards exist and respect them for what they can do. For example, floofzards are often able to compel people to feed them treats and special foods with merely a glance.”

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