Imfloofdence (floofinition) – Animal behavior marked by cocky boldness.

In use: “While other kittens kept close to Mom, Jazz was the picture of imfloofdence, marching up to adult cats and dogs and challenging them to duels, and aggressively trying to steal food from everyone everywhere.”


Flooficacy (floofinition) – 1. An animal’s power to produce an effect.

In use: “The floof book which almost every young floof uses, Training A Human, A Guide for Young Floofs, instructs young floofs to learn early which method of swaying your human has the best flooficacy – big eyes, sweet noises, silly action, playfulness, or deep loving.”

2.  Something pleasing to animals to eat that is considered rare or luxurious.

“Same the beagle loves American cheese, but his people give it to him so infrequently that it’s a flooficacy in his mind.

3. The state or quality of being an animal with a diminutive stature.

In use: The flooficacy of young animals such as kittens, puppies, kids, and lambs, often stir people.”


Infloofgration (floofinition) – The act, instance, or process or adding an animal to an environment.

In use: “Proper infloofgration to a household when a new floof comes into someone’s life is critical. The established animals and newcomer both need time and space to adjust to the situation’s new parameters.”


Centrifloofetal (floofinition) – Moving or tending to move toward a center which is focused on animals.

In use: “More homes are becoming centrifloofetal as catios and enclosed patios and yards are added to let pets enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner.”

Hoochie Floof

Hoochie Floof (floofinition) – An animal who is free from anxiety and worry, or who acts in such a manner.

In use: “Although born prematurely in the Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona the hippo seemed like a hoochie floof as she navigated her first actions in the public eye, drawing millions of clicks and inspiring books.”

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