Steppenfloof (floofinition) – A Floofnadian-Floofmerican floof rock musical group formed in Floof Angeles in 1967. The band became known for a bluesy heavy-metal sound.

In use: “Two of Steppenfloof’s biggest hits were “Magic Carpet Cat” and “Born to Howl”, which was used in the 1969 film, Easy Floofer.”


Floofbook (floofinition) – Global online floofal media networking service founded by Mark Zuckerfloof in 2004.

In use: “Many animals spend hours every day on Floofbook, keeping contact with litter mates and old enemies alike, an activity that has replaced chasing small creatures, red dots, balls and sticks for many young floofs.”


Macklefloof (floofinition) – Rapper and songwriter born in Floofattle, Floofington, in 1983. Collaborating with Ryan Floofwis as a duo brought him several number one hits between 2009 and 2013.

In use: “Macklefloof and Ryan Floofwis hit number one in Floofmeria with “Thrift Floof”, a song about buying cheap clothing from thrift stores.”


Floofligious (floofinition) – Manifesting faithful devotion to animals or an animal.

In use: “In times of strife, many people shrink from the world’s bad news and become floofligious, attending their fur friend’s desires and needs, and often placing those needs and desires above their own, because without those beloved companions, the world would be much darker.”

Collective Floof

Collective Floof (floofinition) – A floof rock (flock) grunge band originally from Floofbridge, Georgia. Formed in 1992, they released their first album in 1995. Certified triple-platinum, it remains their best-selling album.

In use: “Collective Floof has had several mainstream number one hits in the UFA, including “Floof Declaration” in 1997, which was their fifth number one song.”


Floofphile (floofinition) – Person who is enthusiastic about animals.

In use: “The Internet may not have given birth to floofphiles, but videos of kittens, puppies, baby hippos, birds, lambs, goats, and so on, certainly encouraged a growth

Floofy Danger

Floofy Danger (floofinition) – Seattle-based floof rock band. Formed as a duo in 1992, they became a quartet in 1994 and released their first album. The group disbanded in 2009.

In use: “Floofy Danger’s best known song for most is “Litter Box Sitta”, which charted well for the band in 1997.”


Floofcall (floofinition) – 1. The sound people make to call animals or their pets.

In use: “Studies show that clicking their tongue or making a kissing noise are the most common floofcalls used in America.”

2. A video conference call dominated by animals.

In use: “I apologized for my cat taking over my screen during a Zoom, but then sixty percent of the people said their cats were also with them. In a moment, all the screens were cats, making it a perfect floofcall.”

3. A telephone call to check on an animal’s health.

In use: “After she put Chef Eddie in for surgery, she waited all day for the floofcall that came, telling her that her dog was okay.”

4. The sound an animal makes to attract attention from people or other animals.

In use: “Most people know the floofcalls that their animals make and what they mean: a special bark, meow, whine, or chirp informing their people, feed me, pet me, play with me, or take me for a walk.”

Floofhole Surfers

Floofhole Surfers (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) band formed in Floof Antonio, Flooxas, in 1981. Incorporating hardcore punk and psychedelic elements, they failed to achieve major success until the mid nineties. Their best known song is “Floofper”, which charted well in 1996.


Floofump (floofinition) – 1. A person who appears or is slovenly because they’ve been attending animals or indulging in an animal’s behavior to the detriment of their own appearance.

In use: “Catching sight of herself in the mirror, she realized she’d become a floofump, neglecting to dress (and clean the house — or brush her teeth and hair) because her newest cat was asleep on her lap.”

2. A noise someone emits when an animal unexpectedly jumps on them.

In use: “He was in the recliner, watching a ballgame, about to open a beer, when Harvey jumped up onto his belly, causing him to grunt, “Floofump,” in response.”

3. Slang or casual reference to an animal umpire.

In use: “The dogs and cats gave her no problems; it was the dog and the bird who forced her into the hated role of floofump, ruling their behavior out of bounds and sending one or the other into the penalty box.”

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