Podiafloof (floofinition) – Animal who enjoys feet.

In use: “Many kittens and puppies begin as podiafloofs, chasing, attacking, and biting feet (and toes!), but Gracie (who refused the label of house panther, insisting instead that she be called a Nubian queen) remained a podiafloof all of her life (seventeen years), finding a foot and throwing all her weight down upon it, and then, going to sleep…” — from Confessions of a Nubian Queen by I.M. Afloof.


Dufloofcity (floofinition) – Animal behavior that seems to show they’re going to do one thing but then do another.

In use: “Many people were aware of their pet’s dufloofcity, warning before they left the house, “Stay off the sofa,” or “Don’t jump on the counter,” to which the animal replies with wide-eyed assurance that they will, and then wait to hear their people leave and go do exactly what they were told not to do.”


Efloofgelist (floofinition) – A person who seeks to convince others of animal rights and intelligence.

In use: “The Internet has amplified efloofgelists’ message by showing videos highlighting animals acting and thinking compassionately, like bears saving crows, a pit bull mothering kittens, a cat befriending a lynx in a zoo, and a cat embracing an orphaned squirrel as one of her own.”


Mondefloof (floofinition) – A misheard word or phrase that causes an animal’s reaction.

In use: “Noting that when she asked her husband where the wok was, the dog went for his leash to go for a walk, she vowed to spell wok in the future to avoid the mondefloof.”


Lunafloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal who acts silly.

In use: “Many puppies and kittens act like lunafloofs when they’re young, but Blur never matured, remaining an entertaining lunafloof racing about the house even at sixteen.”

2. A person who is overly enamored with animals.

In use: “Entering her home, you knew immediately from artwork, statues, photoraphs, you were in a lunafloof’s dwelling.”


Floofetry (floofinition) – Sonnets, odes, rhymes, and verses about animals.

In use: “One of the more famous examples of floofetry begins, ‘Oh, I wish that I will someday see, a poem as lovely as a floof, although we know most floofs are goofs, and those who live with them have the proof.'”


Floofcocious (floofinition) – 1. An animal who exhibits mature qualities at an unusually early age.

In use: “The floofcocious young puppy approached the elderly dog with surprising reserve and respect, carefully stepping around them, letting them sleep.”

2. A person who understands and empathizes with animals at a very young age.”

In use: “The child was floofcocious, bottle-feeding orphaned kittens and puppies animals by the time she was four years old, sitting and comforting old dogs and cats at animal shelters when she was five, reading them stories every day.”


Zerofloof (floofinition) 1. The first animal in a person’s life.

In use: “Despite going on to share life with a dozen more felines, Jade was forever the zerofloof, and she left her mark in ways no other could touch.”

2. A place or period when no animals are in one’s life.

In use: “He endured zerofloof twice and vowed after the second that he’d never be zerofloof again, because having a dog companion, someone to walk and talk with, someone he absolutely trusted, didn’t need to be experienced when there were so many beautiful dogs out there, waiting for the right person and home.”

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