Floofcurious (floofinition) – Curiosity or openness about other animals regardless of breed, species, or preferences.

In use: “Big Sherman — Sherm to everyone — was a floofcurious German Shepherd who checked out every person and animal he met with a wagging tail and big grin, giving them space until they accepted them, and then claiming them as a new best friend forever.”


Floofployment (floofinition) – Activity one engages in to support, help, or care for animals.

In use: “Unpaid floofployment is common in the U.S. as animals take over people’s homes, and then dominate their lives, but people often feel so enriched by the experience that they’ll sacrifice themselves and their comfort to ensure the floofs are safe, healthy, and happy.


Floofguistics (floofinition) – The study of animal languages, including the nature, use, structure, and modification of language.

In use: “Like many housepets, Hilda longed for a good course of floofguistics for her human friends so that they would quit trying to feed her when she asked them what the weather forecast was, and the like.”


Extrofloof (floofinition) – 1. A normally shy or withdrawn person who becomes more outgoing and friendly when they meet animals.

In use: “Becca usually hung to the wall on the rare occasions when she accepted invitations to another’s house, but whenever she met family pets, she bloomed into an extrovert, playing and talking with the animals like they were old friends.”

2. An energetic, outgoing animal.

In use: “Goober was fearless and friendly, an extrofloof to the core, excited to meet animals and people, always pleased to have a new acquaintance.”


Barkalounger (floofinition) – Place where a dog enjoys relaxing.

In use: “The sofa was the dogs’ favorite barkalounger, gathering on it quickly when it became available, jockeying for the best spot, but the cat often beat them there, and nobody messed with the Queen.”

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