Primfloofal (floofinition) – Of or pertaining to an animal’s earliest existence.

In use: “The primfloofal days when a new pet joins a household are often ones of balances and exploration — balances as they test others and learn trust and boundaries, exploration as they sniff and look around, becoming accustomed to their new world.”

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  1. Dealing with the primfloofal trauma of older, rescued cats…give me a kitten with few expectations any day. I never realized the baggage involved in rescues before. As I type this, both floofs are peacefully sleeping (in different rooms, of course). ~nan

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    1. Oh, good luck. It can go either way. Some seem to be able to shred their baggage. Depends on the baggage. One that we had, Sam, terrorized the neighborhood. He’d been abandoned. We took him in. He became friends with all the three other cats, and the neighbors’ cats. I would never have believe it to be possible for such a change. He was such a gentlefloof.


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