Floofpunction (floofinition) – The need to act to help an animal, often driven by principles, morality, a sense of justice, anxiety, or guilt.

In use: ‘She spotted a tiny object on the highway shoulder. Even as she flew past at fifty miles an hour, beginning to brake, turning to see what that was, she realized it was a puppy. Slamming on the brakes, jerking her SUV onto the shoulder, floofpunction caused her to run back, pick up the poor animal and whisper as she held it, “I will take care of you.”‘

Thursday’s Theme Music

I often start the day with a scan of the news provided by the nattering nabobs of negativism. Agnew coined the phrase. Remember it well because I heard it on the news and then Mrs Rubenstein discussed it in current events the next day.

Today is Thursday, or Thor’s Day, as we call it — don’t want to offend any Gods — October 7, 2021. Just a month until we set our clocks back in most of the U.S. Speaking of that, today’s sunrise percolated in with bright sunshine but little warmth at 7:14 AM. The sun’s presence will be stolen away from our valley by the forces of nature at 6:42 PM. A heady 38 F last night, prompting the cats to declare that they’re coming inside and staying. Good sleep was enjoyed all around. Up to 48 F now. Today’s high is a mild 66 F. Surprising me yesterday, we didn’t even break 60. I’m thinking that it’s time to break out my long pants and put away my shorts.

And, yes, today’s theme music was cat inspired. The three floofketeers were clamoring for their AM wet food. I was asking them, “Are you hungry? Want canned cat food?” Teasing them, you know. And they were responding, “Yes, damn it, will you feed us already?”

I then responded, “Love is all you need.” To which they replied, “Enough with the bull. Open the can, capisce?” By then, Simple Minds had flooded the morning mental music stream with “Sanctify Yourself” from 1986.

Control yourself, love is all you need
Control yourself, in your eyes
Sanctify yourself, sanctify
Be apart of me, sanctify
Sanctify yourself, sanctify
Sanctify yourself, set yourself free

h/t to Genius.com

A fun video from a different era. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax, yeah? I’m having coffee, as well. Here’s the music. Cheers

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