Thursday’s Theme Music

I stepped onto the chilly back patio with the cats this morning. They looked around for intruders or prey, and I looked up. Sunshine was outlining our trees’ gold and red leaves against a blue sky that didn’t have a hair of a cloud showing.

Today is Thursday, October 28, 2021. Sunrise came at 7:39AM and sunset is due at 6:10 PM. Clear skies will have an impact as we’ll hope from our current 53 degrees F all the way up to 74. No wind is blowing. All this is a brief respite from more rain expected. We’ll take the rain, although it does slam places that suffered wildfire damage, often causing heavy erosion and landslides.

I was reading about the Netherlands today in an article titled, “When will the Netherlands disappear?”. While many right wing political parties around the world, including the GOP in the U.S., the Dutch are undertaking serious measures to mitigate the rising seas and the loss of land. The sad assessment explains the many ways that the world is changing from a warming atmosphere to melting ice caps to encroaching seas and, with the lowlands of the Netherlands, the disappearance of a land and nation. But let’s keep pretending it ain’t happening, because you know, money. Which is the bottom line of the GOP argument: it would cause money to cope with climate change, eat into profits, and diminish executive bonuses. Meanwhile, we’ll build sea walls, as they’re doing in Florida, even though the feted dikes of Netherland show that sea walls can only do so much.

Naturally, money spoke to my mental Alexa, who ordered a recall of “Moneytalks” by AC/DC from 1991 to the morning mental music stream. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed by the situation, and get the vax and booster when you can. Here’s the music. There’s my coffee. We good. Cheers

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