Friday’s Theme Music

Give me an F! Give me a U! Give me a —

Oh, wait. I started to spell Friday but diverted onto a Country Joe and the Fish route. Some of you may not understand.

Starting over. Welcome to Friday, end of the work week for many, beginning of the weekend for multitudes. Today is October 22, 2021. Storms roared around us all night, giving drum solos worthy of a Rush concert. Sunrise stole in, infusing light and color into the gray day at 7:32 AM. Sunset comes around at 6:18 PM. A blustery wind has brought us balmy temps. We’re hovering around fifty right now and expect to reach the low sixties. Not as fine as yesterday, when the thermometer kissed the low seventies, but we’ll take it so long as it comes with rain.

Songs about rain and storms are naturally mingling in the morning’s mental music stream. I featured “Stormy” by the Classics IV a few years back. I thought I’d present the Santana cover, done in 1978, for today. Carlos stayed with the original song’s mellow feel. Of course, for me, the line so well known at the end of the chorus, “Bring back that sunny day”, isn’t about a woman, but just better times. Deliver us to some better days — some sunny days — around the world, s’il vous plait.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and vax up and booster up when you can. I’m behind on my coffee rations this morning. Need to go fetch that first cup. Here’s the music. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers

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