Floofvention (floofinition) – 1. Convening or assembly of animals for a specific purpose.

In use: “The pandemic upset the animals; they were accustomed to the humans all leaving the house, allowing them to hold or attend floofventions where floofvances were often addressed.”

2. An agreement between animals for regulation of matters affecting all of them.

In use: “Floofvention dictated that each pet would eat from its own bowl but Carrot made it his habit to eat from others’ bowls whenever he felt like it, leaving them non-floofed about what to do.”

3. A rule of conduct or behavior among animals.

In use: “By floofvention, the big dogs and cats knew they were to be gentle with the little ones arriving to be fostered, no matter how floofbunctious the little critters might get.”

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