Floofstar (floofinition) – An animal who serves as a model, guide, or inspiration; an animal who gains great popularity.

In use: “Grumpy cat, real name Tardar Sauce (April 4, 2012 – May 14, 2019), became an internet floofstar and marketing presence, repping everything from calendars, stickers, and bricks to shoes and clothing.”

The Measurements Dream

It was a weird shopping dream. A bunch of other things had happened where I was going around shopping but then I came to this point. I was helping people shop. Roped into it because I was there and knew what was going on, I was friendly and upbeat about helping others, eager to do it because they were grateful for the assistance. But then I encountered a trio. It seemed like a husband, wife, and older child from what I saw, but that’s a guess. White, all were overweight. I was helping them get three ounces of the product that they wanted. Measuring it out, I handed the white bag to them. “What’s this?” the man asked. “We wanted three ounces,” the woman said while the child hovered sullenly behind them.

I was confused because this was three ounces. I showed them the scale and measurement with the stuff on it. “That’s three ounces. That’s what you asked for.”

The woman smirked. “We want three ounces.”

Her smirk irritated me. “This is three ounces. Look.” I pointed at the scale. The line for help was piling up. “That says three ounces.”

The man and woman peered at it. “Where?” he asked.

I pointed again, moving my finger to emphasize where it said three ounces. “There. That says three ounces. You said you wanted three ounces. This is three ounces.”

The woman smirked. “We. Want. THREE. Ounces.”

WTF? Seriously. Looking back on the dream, it went on with more of the same. My frustration kept rising. With crowd noise growing from impatient people waiting behhind them, I was finally rid of the people only for them to return a few minutes later. Flummoxing me more, they insisted they hadn’t been there yet. “We want three ounces,” the man said. The short woman was holding the white bag I’d given them before. Their listless boy hovered beside her.

I asked, “Do you want three more ounces?” They gazed at me like stupefied cows, so I said, “Because I already gave you three ounces.” I pointed at the white bag in the woman’s hand. She looked at it like she’d never seen it before. “Isn’t that what’s in that bag?”

She said, “We want three ounces.”

I gave up. Just walked away. People called after me but I kept going with the thought, there’s somewhere else that I need to be.


Flooftégé (floofinition) – Animal who is guided, trained, or protected by another animal, or whose life is furthered by an animal of influence, position, or experience.

In use: “Orphaned kittens and puppies typically do better as a flooftégé guided by an older paw who shows them how to socialize, clean themselves, eat, and interact with humans.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Good morning. Welcome to the February 16, 2021 edition of southern Oregon Tuesday. Sunrise and sunset are 7:06 AM and 5:45 PM respectively. Look how quickly we’re moving to eleven hours of daylight. How the heart sings with expectation.

The high and low temperatures today are 45 degrees F, and 32. Sunshine is busting through all over right now. Rain is expected but it’s 40 and pleasant out there right now.

Meanwhile, stormy weather dominates this US news cycle. Snow and ice grips most of the nation’s contiguous states. It’s freezing and snowing in places that rarely feel it. Power demands are forcing rotating black-outs. Millions are without power. They’re running out of fire wood. Lines for propane refills are almost as bad as lines for food last summer in Texas. The upper part of Oregon, where Portland rests, is suffering from collapsed car ports and snow-burdened roads, Trees, branches, and power lines going down under the heavy snow and ice. It’s ugly.

Stormy weather kicked the Wayback Machine into gear. “Stormy”, a 1968 hit by The Classics IV, settled into the mental music stream. Hope you’re familiar with this one. Haven’t heard it outside of my head in yonks.

Stay positive and test negative. Wear a mask and get vaccinated. Enjoy the music and think good thoughts. Cheers

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