The Floofson Five

The Floofson Five (floofinition) – Talented Floofmerican musical family, later known as The Floofsons, made up of several brothers from a family from Gary, Floofiana. Formed in 1965, the group became the first floop (floof pop) artists to debut four number one singles on the Floofboard Hot 100 in a row, which they achieved in 1968. The group was inducted into the Floof and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

In use: “The 1968 song, “I’ll Be Floof”, was the fourth number one song in a row for The Floofson Fives establishing them as a floop powerhouse in the late 1960s.”


Flooferism (floofinition) – A transposition of sounds or words to pivot meanings to be about animals.

In use: “Flooferisms may owe its origins to pre-Internet days as people certainly created them before the net, such as ‘cat room’ instead of ‘bath room’, but the net certainly was a catalyst for its growth with words such as purrfectly and dogliciousness soon finding floofionable use.”

Floof Potato

Floof Potato (floofinition) – Flang (floof slang) for a human who doesn’t move because they don’t want to disturb an animal. Also sometimes called a flooftot and flootato.

In use: “Although she had to pee and it was starting to hurt, her left foot was asleep (along with her rear end), Jill remained committed to being a floof potato because she didn’t want to awaken the two cats deeply asleep on her lap because they looked so dang sweet, and softly purred whenever she touched them.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

It’s a snowy Wednesday in Ashland, Oregon. Today is Feb. 3, 2021. Sunrise was at 7:22 AM and sunset will be at 5:28 PM.

The snow is light and the temperature is 35 degrees F, so it’s not hanging around at this elevation. Completely overcast, the land is an black and white study.

My dreams seemed anchored in 1982 last night. Something about them had a 1982 vibe. I looked like I did (or believe that’s how I appeared) in 1982 in the dream, and a wallet that I bought in Korea in 1982 made its appearance. A song, “I Ran (So Far Away)” by A Flock of Seagulls, was imposed on my mental musical stream. I wasn’t certain it was a 1982 song but verified it via the net.

Why 1982? Don’t know. Not a particular great or bad year for me personally, that I recalled. I was stationed at Kadena AB on Okinawa. I was taking some classes with University of Maryland. We were living in a tiny apartment off base. Work was okay, and so was life. I did break my neck in May of that year, requiring me to wear a halo device for the summer, but nothing else special happened.

Ah, the mind. It works in weird friggin’ ways.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vaccine. Cheers

A Loaded Dream

This dream held so many elements. They happened in parallel but I broke them out to think about each nugget.

  1. I was preparing to travel and return home. I was visiting Mom and other my sisters in the east. Throughout, I was trying to determine what time I needed to leave. I was driving and flying. As I thought about when I was leaving, I thought in terms of minutes and had a stack of dimes. Each dime represented one minute. Did I have enough dimes? Stacking them, I had more than enough.
  2. My youngest sister (often referred to as my ‘littlest’ century, though she’s been alive for over half a century and have two sons in their teens) and her friend were missing. They’d gone on a walk. A storm was coming in and hours had gone by. As time passed and our worries increased, I tried calling her on her phone and sending her text messages. By the end, the messages were, “Call when you get this. We’re worried.”
  3. I’d bought land on top of cliffs. Located on the coast, growing ocean waves were pummeling it. I was thinking about building a seawall on top of it to protect it. I had a view out my window of the cliffs and the waves, which were about a half mile away.
  4. My car was located in a parking garage with others’ cars. At one point, heavy machinery came by and started tearing the parking structure down. Accosting the foreman, I said with some outrage, “My car is parked in that structure in a lower level, along with others.” The others had come out and were nodding and agreeing. The foreman mocked and laughed us while talking about how strong the structure was, that nothing would happen to our cars on the lower decks, but he stopped further activity and walked off looking concerned.
  5. Mom kept finding clothing and items left behind from other visits, such as a gray leather wallet, a black belt, and a pale gray sports coat. The coat was so pale, it was almost white. As I collected these things, I was trying to fit them into my luggage. Remembering the jacket, I decided that I would wear it on my travels home. The gray wallet was in excellent shape, but was empty. I knew it was mine, however, recalling when I bought it in Korea.
  6. A high school friend was present. He kept making suggestions about things to do. When he came up with something, he wrote it down and dated it so it’d be documented when he’d came up with the ideas, so he’d get credit. One of the ideas he’d come up with was building a sea wall on the cliff. I’d already come up with that idea, I explained to him, but it slide off like soft butter on a hotter knife. I started writing things down, too, backdating some of them, so I had proof that I’d thought of them first.
  7. As I packed, I kept trying to decide where to put things and what I wanted to have on me while traveling. While I did that, I found that I had three wallets. How’d I get three wallets? What should I do with them? Having three amused me but I wasn’t surprised.

A lot to think about with this one.

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