Rainfloof (floofinition) – Floof metal rock musical band. Formed in 1975 by the former Floof Purple lead guitarist, the band’s success was driven by their powerful shows, which eventually translated to Floofboard chart success.

In use: “Rainfloof’s highest charting song and best known globally is likely “Since Floof’s Been Gone”, released in 1979, when it hit number 46 in the Floofnited States and reached the top ten in the Floofnited Kingdom.”


Floofchant (floofinition) – 1. An animal’s strong and continued inclination.

In use: “The young Husky soon revealed floofchants for singing outside the bathroom if the door was closed and stealing food from the table.”

2. An animal’s (or animals’) melodic, and often repetitive sound.

In use: “She was certain the feline queen began the floofchant, a meow that sounded weirdly like, “Feed me now,” but it was when the Beagle, the ginger cat, and the bedroom panther joined that she became unnerved and started opening cans just to shut them up.”

The Wife Dream

My wife and I were young people, in our early twenties, staying in a hotel in Korea. We had separate rooms; I don’t know why. It was a busy place, with chaotic rules that I couldn’t grasp. I was also constantly trying to change my underwear. Whenever I’d get somewhere private where I thought that I could, others would barge in on me, lighting up the high exasperation warning light.

My wife and I finally met in a crowded hallway outside of my room. We made plans to go see the sights and such but I first wanted a hair cut. I went down to the barber. One woman took money from me and gave me a chit. Another took the chit and gave me a second chit. A third took that chit and ushered me into a queue. I decided to wash my hair while waiting, thinking that would make it easier to cut. When it was my turn, they rinsed off my hair and sent me on my way. I asked my wife what she thought of it, and she replied that it was worse that before. I saw my hair in a mirror; it was long, thick, wavy, and black. I needed to have it cut but my wife was impatient to go on.

We heard people talking about going to Singapore. The way they talked, Singapore was an immediate neighbor. I was surprised; in my opinion, Singapore isn’t close to Korea and would take some hours of flying to reach it. I decided that my geography knowledge was wrong.

Acting listless and irritated, my wife kept wandering off and doing silly things, like snatching papers from other people to read, then throwing the papers aside. People were getting vexed with her, and so was I. We went outside to get a break from the crowds. Going outside, we ended up on a cliff path.

A gorgeous, lightly clouded sky was overhead. The path cut through thick green bushes that were waist high. She ran ahead when my back was turned. When I saw what she’d done, I ran after her. As I was catching her, she went off on another path, like she didn’t want me to catch her. Saying, “Screw it,” I kept running. Let her try to catch me. After running another forty yards, I stopped and looked back. I didn’t see her. I waited for a few minutes to see if she would show. When she didn’t, I shrugged.

It was time for her to start looking for me. Turning, I walked on.

The dream ended.

Saturday’s Theme Music

Hi. Welcome to a new day, the first day of the rest of your life.

Today is Saturday, February 27, 2021. Outside, it was gray with a chance of deeper gray. That’s all broken up since I first squirreled out of bed. Sunshine cracked through. White clouds sail like ice floes on a blue sky. Sunrise was at 6:50 AM in Ashland. Sunset is presumed to be at 5:58 PM.

Went with a little light piece out of 1985 for today’s theme music. Just cropped into the head like star asters breaking out of the soil. Stay positive, test negative, and wear a mask. Get vaccinated, and listen to some music. You could start with The Hooters, “And We Danced”.

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