Floofpiece (floofinition) – One who speaks for animals.

In use: “He began by feeding stray dogs and providing them shelter and fresh water. Soon, he’d moved on to to becoming a floofpiece, advocating chipping pets so they can be found again, heightening awareness about abandoning animals or leaving them in the cold, and creating social media posts to unite lost animals with their people.”

Otis Floofing

Otis Floofing (floofinition) – Floofmerican singer/songwriter respected as one of the greatest Floofmerican floop singers. Inspired by Gospel music, Otis Floofing influenced many artists who came later.

In use: “Passing when he was but twenty-six, Otis Floofing’s first and only mainstream number one single, “Sitting on the Kitchen Table”, was released after his death in a plane crash.”

Bird On A Wire

Bird on a wire

outside my office glass

peering at me sideways

sitting on my ass

wondering what I’m doing

making up little songs

telling little tales

about what I do at home

bird on a wire

you know he can’t be trusted

bird on a wire

I know who you are

and now you know you’re busted

Monday’s Theme Music

Good morning. Today is Monday, Feb. 8, 2021. Sunrise came at 7:16 AM. Sunset is expected at 5:34 PM. Outside, it’s 31 degrees F and foggy, but we’re expecting sunshine and a high of 50 degrees.

Today’s music came from a walk the other day. The song hung around me, intermittently spurting into the musical mental stream throughout the last few days. Released in 1967, “The Rain, the Park & Other Things” by the Cowsills reached number two on the charts in America. If you’re unfamiliar with the song, it begins with seeing a girl in a park.

I saw her sitting in the rain
Raindrops falling on her
She didn’t seem to care
She sat there and smiled at me

h/t to Genius.com

This is what happened to me that day: I saw a girl sitting in the park off Peachy Street in Ashland. Unlike the song’s subject, this girl had a leash with a dog, and she didn’t disappear. Nor did the sun come out. Maybe, if the sun had emerged, she would’ve disappeared. The rain was falling and I didn’t hang to learn. I have no idea if she could make me happy. Didn’t really think about it. I was preoccupied with a song going in my head and avoiding her to stay six feet away. There’s a virus out there, you know. Must be careful.

BTW, they called it psychedelic last century when a girl disappeared like that; now it would be called magical realism.

Stay positive. Test negative. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Enjoy the music. You have your orders. Now go.

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