Floofile (floofinition) – 1. The extent to which an animals attracts public.

In use: “The shelter called the Tortie known as Canned (because of the circumstances in which she was found) shy, but she was keeping a low floofile to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention (again).”

2. A short and secret document detailing a person’s description and attitude toward animals.

In use: “The Floof Exchange had a tetrafloof database of floofiles regarding people on Earth, providing tips on their likes, dislikes, and tendencies, with some floofiles flagged with red notices which meant, “DO NOT TRUST”.

Another Dream

I didn’t know what to call this dream. It popped about. The dream starts with my wife joining me in bed. Naked and in our twenties, we play grab-ass, laughing as we do. For some reason, it’s sunny.

Then… We’re at a play with audience participation. Don’t know what the play is about. I’m up by the stage. The audience, including me, are laying down. The light is low, with focus on the stage via yellow spotlights. During intermission, it’s announced that prizes are available. The prizes are up by me. I begin exploring them. One is of a pair of model racing cars: a Chaparral 2E and a Mclaren M8F. The Chaparral always raced as a white car while the McLarens were orange. In this model, though, the Chaparral body parts are painted orange.

Not all pieces are painted, I observe. The cars are models to be constructed, and small, maybe 1/86 scale, yet, there’s amazing detail. Some pieces are in chrome, and others are in brass. There are fittings for water and oil lines, suspension pieces, engine covers and headers, brakes, modular wheels… It’s mind-blowing the amount of details in these tiny models given away. The announcer is saying that these are for children but I say, “These aren’t for children. I’d never give these to children. The pieces are too small.” I look at the box, confirming that it states for children five and up. That has me shaking my head. It’d be a challenge for me to assemble.

We leave the theater, and are out on a sunny plaza. Many people are returning to work but I don’t need to. Because I was laying down at the theater, I have a pale yellow sheet around my waist. A red-headed young white woman is flirting with me. She’s talking about some safety procedures that I previously established for work, and how they’re still in use. They call them “the Seidels,” she informs me, which she implies is funny, but also implies that I should be honored because they’re still using the documents I create and call them by my last name.

She invites me to sit at a table with her. Drinks are ordered. Making chuckling noises, she’s reaching under the table. As the chuckling stops and the smile leaves her face, she finally looks under the table. I look, too. Her hand is up under my sheet. She asks with some indignation what I’m wearing. I realize that she was trying to get into my pants. I laugh. She huffs away.

There it is, all that I remember, although there’s a sneaking sense that I have some gaps.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Good morning. Today is Tuesday, February 23, 2021. Sunset was at 6:56 AM and sunset will be at 5:53 PM in Ashland. Just a few more minutes less between the two and we reach eleven hours of daylight. Hooty-hoo.

Today finds the sun out in full force, unfettered by clouds, giving us an early temperature of 46 degrees F. We expect to hit the mid-50s. We’re told clouds are regrouping by the coast a few hundred miles away as the clouds flow, and rain is a late day possibility, but I’m living in the present.

Although I push that claim (about living in the present), the music Wayback Machine was busy pulling in tunes from the last century. Lyrics and melody were recalled. But I was then stymied: who is that? What’s the name of the song? Damn, I should know this. Well, thirty minutes later, some memory chipped its way to the surface. Exerted by effort, memory said with the heavy breathing of extended exertion, “I think it’s Bread.”

Bread? Really? Are you sure? A few minutes of net searching confirmed the song is “Mother Freedom” by Bread, 1971, yes, fifty years ago.

Freedom, keep walkin’
Keep on your toes and don’t stop talkin’ ’bout
Freedom, get goin’
Lots to be learned and lots to be known ’bout
People gotta reach ’em
Sit ’em right down and then you gotta teach ’em ’bout
Freedom, gotta win it
Gotta put yourself smack dab in it

h/t to AZLyrics.com

I unnerstand why Bread didn’t immediately pop to mind for this harder pop/rock song. Bread was mostly soft pop, like “Diary”. This song wasn’t a big hit for them.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, get vaccinated, and keep on rockin’. Cheers

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