Floofertainment (floofinition) – 1. Diversion or amusement provided by animals, especially pets, live or via recorded or printed media.

In use: “Floofertainment often ends up with people wondering just what the animals are thinking, or becoming surprised by the animals’ apparent intelligence.”

2. Activities animals use to divert or amuse themselves.

In use: “Many housepets go to the house windows for floofertainment, watching squirrels, birds, and other animals running around or flying past, sometimes becoming as excited and jubilant as an NFL fan watching their team score.”

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  1. Our floofs are an endless source of floofertainment! Today, I was watching too winged floofs outside my kitchen window play-fighting and it made a funny sound come from my throat! As best I recall, it is what we used to call a … ‘laugh’!

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