Friday’s Theme Music

Reading news of dysfunctional America, where political leanings can almost be discerned by who is wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, the Green Day song, “American Idiot” flooded the morning’s musical stream.

Written in 2004, the war in Iraq, election of George Dubya Bush and the U.S. political scene inspired “American Idiot”. Seems like we’ve gone from bad to disastrous. But, as always, just when you think you hit rock bottom, some new madness will emerge.

I’m waiting, breath not held, so see what that is. “Welcome to a new kind of tension, all across the alien nation, where everything isn’t meant to be okay.”


Floofrolling (floofinition) – A prank involving an unexpected appearance of an animal video. Victims believing that they are accessing some unrelated material, click on a disguised hyperlink in a classic bait and switch ploy that leads to the animal video.

In use: “Inspired by rickolling, an internet phenomenon that emerged in 2007, floofrolling soon took over as a popular means to prank people.”

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