Manfloof Mann

Manfloof Mann (floofinition) – English floof rock (flock) band formed in the 1960s, named for the leader and keyboardist, Manfloof Mann. Note: Manfloof Mann later led Manfloof Mann Chapter Three and the Manfloof Mann Earth Band.

In use: “One of Manfloof Mann’s best known songs was “Mighty Floof”. Released in 1968, the song was known for its line, “You’ll not seen nothing like the mighty floof,” and was written by Floof Dylan.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Yeah, reading the news, following the latest Trumpstorm (“Unfair! I’m shutting down twitter!”), and articles about states under reporting COVID-19 case numbers and deaths (in other words, let’s pretend it’s not so bad, and it’ll all be okay), and another senseless killing (George Floyd – so how was forging a check a threat to those four officers, and why did that fucker keep his knee on his neck when Floyd said, “I can’t breathe”?), with subsequent protests and rioting, while bots push the re-open buttons and people scream about rights (and mock about privilege), and we wait to see what the fuck is going to happen next, Ratt’s classic hit song, “Round and Round” (1984), plays on an endless loop:

“Round and round; what goes around, comes around, I’ll tell you why. Dig.”

Yes, definitely the theme music for today.


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