Saturday’s Theme Music

Doing yard work yesterday, looking at the dreadful state of the side yard.

Things have been planned for years. Yardwork is a low priority, but I thought this shit (I’m using the formal shit here to indicate improvements) would’ve been done by now. Stepping back, I thought of all the things that’ve occurred that I employ as excuses.

Friend dying of cancer. Cat dying of cancer. MIL dying and being moved into a nursing home. Wildfires and their smoke. Drought and water rationing. Extreme heat and poor air.

This year, it’s a novel coronavirus, wearing masks, social distancing, and SIP. (Yeah, a drought is also widening and extending, so it’s not looking good – and the wildfire season started early because of the extremely dry conditions. I also hear some murder hornets are on the way…)

Of course, that sort of stream gushes with vows not to take time for granted and do things when the chance comes, because that chance may not come again.

Long way to say that today’s theme music is Bryan Adams and “On A Day Like Today” (1998). Cheers

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