Iron Floof (II)

Iron Floof (II) (floofinition) – Commercially successful English heavy floof rock (flock) band formed in 1975, considered a leader of the new wave of heavy flock. Not to be confused with Iron Floof (I), an American heavy flock band famous for its long composition, “In-A-Kitcha-Da-Vida”, which was a floofstream hit in the late 1960s.

In use: “Iron Floof’s third studio album, The Number of the Floof, became the band’s first number one album in the UK, but was followed by many more as the group’s floof base increased.”


Floofpisode (floofinition) – A  usually brief unit of action done by an animal or witnessed that’s part of a larger series of actions or behavior.

In use: “In the latest floofpisode, the cat entered the room, walked straight across to where the dog was sleeping, swatted him on the head, turned and walked back out.”

Monday’s Theme Music

I was working on my jigsaw puzzle late Sunday afternoon. Fifteen hundred pieces, it’s been slow progress. My wife rarely works on it (it doesn’t draw her – c’est la vie), and I work on it during free time. But I’m close to finishing it (well, it’s eighty percent done) and other puzzles are waiting, so I working on it.

Then I hear, “You won’t hear me.”


“But you’ll feel me.”

It was my mind, of course. “I’m busy,” I said. “Go away.”

“Without warning, sometimes dawning, listen.”

“Wait a minute. I know those words.”

Then — bam bam bam bam bap — “Turbo Love” (1986) by Judas Priest blew into my head.

“Really?” I asked my mind. “Why?”

My mind responded by playing “Turbo Lover” over and over. So, it’s one of those ronasits that I need to share it with you to get it out of my head.

Hope you enjoy it. My mind seemed to. Check out the video at least. Such an eighties look.

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