Red Hot Chili Floofs

Red Hot Chili Floofs (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) band formed in Los Angeles in 1983, incorporating stylistic elements of floof funk (flonk), floof punk (flunk), alternative flock, and floofedeic rock in their music.

In use: “One of my personal favorite songs by the Red Hot Chili Floofs is “Snow (Floof Oh)”, a softly melodic song.”


Perifloof (floofinition) – 1. An animal that’s always hanging around on the edge of activity.

In use: “The dog always wanted to know what was going on, but never got involved, remaining a perifloof.”

2. Behavior displayed by an animal raising up on its back legs to look over something.

In use: “He was busy typing away when a feline perifloof suddenly showed its eyes and ears over the top of his monitor.”

Friday’s Theme Music

Yeah, Trump retweeted the sentiment, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

No matter what political party you are, learning that the nation’s President promotes such unreasoning violence and ideals contrary to the nation’s principles is, well, sickening. Is this how the country is united? Is that really the best course to promote as riots break out in cities over another black man’s death as he begged the police officer holding him down, as our nation passes one hundred six thousand deaths from the coronavirus, a time when we should be pulling together, where everyone insists, “We’re in this together?”

While I often hear screams from those on the right about how Democrats are not civil and should respect the President and treat him with courtesy, how can I — why would I? — when he’s encouraging murder against the political opposition?

So, the song by Badfinger, “No Matter What” (1970), arrives in my brain. No matter what is fused directly to getting Trump out of office; no matter what Biden does, I will vote for him, a position that I hate to take. Biden isn’t my first, second, or third choice. I grimace thinking about it, having my thought processes and principles reduced to that single point: vote Trump out. Sickening and infuriating. Biden, if elected, will probably do a decent job, but I really want to advance the nation and world past the status quo where we muddle from crises to crises, issue to issue, putting bandages on problems while rot spreads.

No matter what also comes up as I write my way through this pandemic. No matter what, I’ll write. No matter what, I’ll pursue my dreams.

No matter what, I’ll go on.

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