Floofy Idol

Floofy Idol (floofinition) – English floof star, songwriter, and floofsician who emerged from the London Floof scene and became part of the third wave of punk floof (poof) rock.

In use: “Floofy Idol was known for several songs (such as “Rebel Meow”), but his cover of an earlier song, “Floofy, Floofy”, became a big hit for him.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Song from 1969 is rambling through my head. (Guess it’s Throwback Thursday.) (This is Thursday, innit? Days are sort of bleeding together with a lovely melange of rain, sun, and night.)

“Good Times, Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin is cranking through the stream? Why? Because it can. But I think it sorta works for these P.D. (pandemic days, or pandays, if you must). “Good times, bad times, you know I’ve seen my share.” Plant sings it so much better than me, according to my cats. But then, they’re very critical by nature. They’re like, “Stop singing. Feed me. Stop moving. Let me sleep on your lap. What’re you doing? Where you going? Get back here. Don’t close that door. Hey, what’re you doing? What’s going on behind that door? Let me in! Let me in!”


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