Midnight Floof

Midnight Floof (floofinition) – Australian floof rock (flock) band (informally referred to as the   Floofs) active from 1972 – 2002.

In use: “Midnight Floof had two songs, “Treats are Burning” and “The Floof Heart”, which reached number one in numerous countries.”


Floofmidity (floofinition) – A humid warmth generated by having one or more animals resting on or against a person.

In use: “Despite a cramping leg and rising floofmidity that made him feel hot and sweaty, he didn’t move, unwilling to disturb the cat and dog using him as a mattress.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

I haven’t read about many streakers recently. I am surprised.

As lockdowns and business shutdowns are argued and protested, I’d think that stripping off your clothes and running outside would be a natural mechanism to make your voice heard. Nothing makes people hear you more than running around with all your bits flapping. Makes more sense than shouting in police officers’ faces, or threatening others with guns.

Maybe I’m just too early on the curve, and the streaking is about to commence. Perhaps my idea will inspire someone to do it. Yeah, don’t look at me to be the spark plug. I’m a hairy fellow. Last time that I went streaking, people thought a mini Bigfoot was running around. Ended up with that nickname for years. Strangers would see me and shout, “Hey, Bigfoot, how’s it going?” Mom and my sisters started calling me that, too. I thought that showed poor taste on their part.

In honor of the idea, the song, “The Streak” by Ray Stevens (1974) is today’s theme music. Ray had the idea for the song but didn’t execute it until streakers were suddenly everywhere in the news. It’s a story-telling song that utilizes puns and double meanings to express what was going on from a reporter interviewing a witness. The witness is married to Ethel, and he’s always warning her, “Don’t look, Ethel,” and it’s always too late. The song culminates with the witness shouting, “Is that you, Ethel? You get your clothes on.”

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