Floofoscope (floofinition) – An floofological forecast based on the relative positions of dimensions, planets, and signs of the floofdiac at a specific time for use by animals in foretelling events in their life, identifying personality traits, and inferring what humans to live with and trust.

In use: “She was a stray in a shelter, waiting for the right person to come along, and she knew who it was because he had been foretold in her floofoscope. As soon as he walked in, she jumped up, happy that the time to meet him had at last arrived.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Lots of science-y info has been in the news recently. An argument that started in the last century continues as people claim that the science behind climate change and human influence on it is wrong! That’s not why the glaciers are melting! They’ve always been melting, and the sea is not rising, and you’re not allowed to say, ‘climate change’ in some states because it’s fake science! Meanwhile, scientists tracked an asteroid that passed our planet. Surprisingly, no one yelled that it was fake science. Maybe they did, and I missed it.

Science has been in the news more frequently about COVID-19 and the difference between the novel coronavirus and the flu, and whether mitigating by SIP and closing businesses is worthwhile, or should we just sacrifice whoever needed to develop a herd immunity. Science! It’s everywhere.

No surprise that my morning musical stream featured “Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby (1982).

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