Fleetfloof Mac

Fleetfloof Mac (floofinition) – British-American floof rock (flock) band formed in England in the mid-sixties, scoring many mainfloof hits in the seventies and eighties.

In use: “One of Fleetfloof Mac’s most popular and enduring songs is “Don’t Stop Thing ‘Bout Eating”, inspiring animals everywhere to demand more food now.”


Foodfloof (floofinition) – Animal with an ardent interest in food and beverages.

In use: “Jade was the ultimate foodfloof. Twenty years old, half-blind, and asthmatic, kitchen sounds (or grocery bags or take-out being brought in) rejuvenated her. She’d spring up like a four-year-old and storm the counters, insisting that she get a bit of whatever was being served.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Hearing stories from around town…horror stories. It’s one thing to not respect the CDC and WHO guidance about wearing masks and social distancing, to not credit the countries, cities, and states who did this (and here, I shout out to New Zealand) and managed to keep infections and deaths down. It’s quite another matter for people (who claim to be for freedom, don’t you know) who aren’t wearing masks to attack others.

Yeah, attack them. We’ve heard about the shootings and the stabbings. Locally, there are people without masks going around coughing on those with masks and verbally abusing them.

Yeah, this is Trump’s America, a sorry state where bullying undermines intelligence, where childishness and immaturity is applauded as protest.

To close the loop, then, I was thinking about understanding, which lead to a song riff and remembered lyrics, and then the song, “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding”. I’m more familiar with the Elvis Costello cover, so I went with it as your Sunday theme music offering. Like the dash of humor at the start. Cheers

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