Paintfloof (floofinition) – 1. A helpful animal who wants to be involved with every painting project.

In use: “As soon as he got out the painting supplies, Tucker, who’d been deep asleep in the other room (he’d stolen in and checked), became a paintfloof, hurrying in and sitting down in the middle of everything.”

2. Animal who often seems to be posing for a portrait.

In use: “Coolly majestic and remote, with a deep, long-distance stare, Quinn always seemed to be posing for a painting, but the little paintfloof rushed off whenever a device was pointed his way.”

3. Animal who appears to be painted or colored with paint.

In use: “The classic paintfloof has to be Pepé Le Pew’s romantic lead, the poor little black cat who always ended up with a white stripe down her back, causing him to believe that she was also a skunk, like him, and causing him to fall deeply in love.”

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