Floofguard (floofinition) – 1. Animal(s) responsible for the safety, security, and well-being of other animals.

In use: “The old Tom had been rescued after years of living on the streets, but soon after being rescued, he became a floofguard for the new kittens and puppies brought into the animal shelter, comforting them with his big, scarred body.”

2. Person who keeps watch over animals.

In use: “Shepherds were one of humanity’s earliest established floofguards, a heritage that has spread through the net and is carried on by foster families and sanctuaries looking after rescued animals.”

3. Interflooftional organization dedicated to protecting, rescuing and saving animals, and improving their condition.

In use: “Stories told around kibble bowls claim that Floofguard was founded by a cat, dog, goldfish, and rabbit in the early 1970s, but few animals are positive that the organization is real.”

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