Nursing a coffee

nursing a care

marshalling thoughts running

like cats

here and there

trying to make a semblance of sense

trying to move into the present tense

on the outside I look to be comfortable and free

on the inside I hope no one else is like me

wrestling emotions cause they’re stealing my soul

wrestling hopes and dreams, writing down goals

another day living, another day spent

another day wondering where time and energy went


He said, it’s just an accident, it’s just a death. Nothing to worry about, not worth the mess.

He said, everyone gets sick, it’s nothing to fear. Nothing to worry about, it’ll all come clear.

Then, when it was his own family who died, he said with a sad face, who could’ve known that this could take place?


Floofslide (floofinition) 1. An animal action of dragging their rear over flooring or grass.

In use: “After leaving the litter box, Tucker executed a floofslide, worrying Michael on multiple levels.”

2. Enormous, or one-sided victory for an animal in a dispute or disagreement.

In use: “Winning in a floofside, the cats took control of the bed, curled up, and slept all day.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

Today’s choice came from a post read online. The old line, “We’ll have to agree to disagree,” was used in closing. It’s used so often when you can’t see eye-to-eye. Its usage now was in conjunction with election fraud accusations and the lack of evidence. The one saying “Well have to agree to disagree” w as insisting evidence was there but nobody was being permitted to reveal it.

Really. SMFH.

Anyway, from that, an old Dave Mason song, “We Just Disagree”, roared into my head. Although it came out in the 1970s, you may have heard it, as others have covered it. Hope you enjoy it. Stay positive and test negative. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Keep your fingers crossed. Cheers

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