Friday Laments

More first world blues…I’m just cryin’ in my coffee.

  1. One problem with the local C-19 vaccination plan: teachers are a high priority. Great! Many agree with this. But, boo, the shots are being administered during school hours. It’s not a dash and do, either.
  2. Our biggest issue in Oregon is as it is elsewhere, just not enough C-19 vaccine to do the job. People are generally accepting and patient, because that’s how it goes for now.
  3. I went for years without a doctor. Then I had trouble in Peckerville and ended up with a urologist. The trials exposed my hypertension, so I ended up with a GP. Each prescribed medications for conditions – BHP and BP – that I’ll probably take for the rest of my life. Less than three years later, both of these medical professionals are gone. They’d moved into the area, it didn’t work out, and they moved away. I liked both and they did a good job, but I’ll need to find someone new when my prescriptions expire this year.
  4. The healthcare insurance front grows more expensive for me. As a veteran and military retiree after twenty years, I had good healthcare insurance via Tri-Care. There were no premiums. That went on for years. Now, starting this year, I must pay $25 per month premiums. Not bad. But, since I’m turning 65, I’m required to get Medicare Parts A and B in order to keep my Tri-Care. A is free; B is about $150 per month. Guess this is all due to that wonderful ‘support the troops’ rhetoric that I often hear. As it so often happened, big promises were made with great patriotic fanfare and furor. Then, when the bill came, everything changed.
  5. I’ve ordered meals online from restaurants three times in the last three months. Each was to give us breaks from what’s in our larder and breaks from cooking. It’s a treat. But each time, they’ve offered a coupon, and then, each time, there’s no place to enter the coupon code when the order is processed. Small matter, but irritating: like a lot of modern life, it seems like a false promise.
  6. What I’m watching: “Baptiste” on PBS via Prime — terrific series; “His Dark Materials” on HBOMax, very strong, good production values and acting, faithful to the trilogy; “Doom Patrol” on HBOMax but it’s falling in our appreciation as the characters become sillier and seem to take forever to come to grip with matters; “All Creatures Great and Small”, a remake of the first series of that name, based on the books, and it’s almost as entertaining and charming as the first go-around. We’re not watching “The Undoing” which just seemed too insipid in too many ways after three episodes; we prefer more dynamic and intelligent characters. Just recommended to us is Portait of A Lady on Fire and Mary Shelley, so they’ve been added to the list. Still working through the last of “Vera” and “The Wire” during late night down time.
  7. Hulu manages to continue to irk me. Their system often seems to think we’ve watched an episode that we haven’t and wants to jump us ahead. It’s happened enough times that I don’t just click and go, but make mental notes: what’s the season, episode number, and title that I’m watching now? What was the last one watched? What’s the summary? Did we see this? No. I saw others experienced this. The fix is the digital equivalent of a hard reboot or a hammer to an appliance: sign out and sign back in. That works most of the time, it’s claimed. Guess I’ll try it. Haven’t done so yet because logging in with a remote is a pain, you know? I’m such a whiner.
  8. Meanwhile, Prime Video, the service previously known as Amazon Prime Video, has the opposite issue, insisting that I haven’t watched an episode when I’ve already watched it.
  9. Got my coffee. Time once again to write like crazy. Meeting Text for the first time today. She’s the late Zipper’s daughter. Looking forward to what she has to say.

Crushing It

The Fitbit buzzed. “Time to move!”

Well, he had to feed the cats anyway as they were delivering their most intimidating laser stares. He walked into the other room, opened a cat, spooned the food in, and set the bowls down.

The Fitbit buzzed. “Crushed it!”

“Crushed it. I sure did.” The man was being sarcastic. He’d used thirty seconds and what, twenty movements?

“I don’t think so,” one cat said with a glance up.

“No.” The second sniffed with disdain. “You didn’t ‘crush’ it.”

“Right,” said the third. “We could have fed ourselves, if we had thumbs.”

Nodding, the cats resumed eating. Muttering at them, the man returned to us chair.

Talk about crushing it; someone had, and it wasn’t him.

Friday’s Theme Music

Today is January 29, 2021, the first ‘last Friday of the month’ in 2021. Sunset was at 7:29 AM. Sunset will be at 5:21 PM. Outside, it’s 37 degrees F and slowly drying under a gray smeared blue sky. Looks like one of those days when it could get sunnier but it also could get cloudier and rainier. Ah, typical southwestern Oregon.

The last Friday of the month used to be significant in the organizations I worked for in the military and civilian worlds. Reports were requested on the last Friday of the month. Summaries were given. Expectations set for the next month. Funny how much revolved around the last Friday of the month.

Thinking of Friday, I thought a Friday song would be appropriate. First into mind on that note is always the 1975 Steeley Dan song, “Black Friday”. It’s reigned as a theme song a coupla times. So has “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure (1992). Thinking a little harder on it, I came up with a few others, like Katy Perry’s song, “Last Friday Night” and “Livin’ It Up Friday Night” by Bell & James, which was a friend’s favorite back in the late 1970s. He’d sing that song every day of the week.

A cat interrupted proceedings, though. Talking to him, I mentioned that he was a wayward floof. Wayward kicked an old Kansas song, “Carry on Wayward Son” (1976) into the musical stream, where it’s gone into loopy mode. So, for your listening pleasure and my sanity of mind, here it is.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Happy Friday.

Floofy Ocean

Floofy Ocean (floofinition) – Floofish songwriter and singer who became one of the biggest floof culture artists in the 1980s with his blend of floof dance and rhythm and floof.

In use: “Floofy Ocean hit it big with “Caribbean Floof (No More Treats on the Run)” in 1984, reaching number one on several charts in the Floofnited States.”

A Short Diamond Dream

A weird but short one. This dream came after a series of others, and is the sharpest remembered of the bunch.

I was outside, standing in sunshine on a sharp, richly green cliff with a strong wind buffeting me. Two people were climbing down below me. I couldn’t see much of them for heavy foliage, but the top person had my diamond. The cut and polished diamond was huge, and this person was stealing it. I knew this; while I couldn’t see much of the person, I could see them holding the diamond aloft as they descended.

I couldn’t let them get away! Looking around, I discovered a heavy monofilament fishing line. A little investigation revealed that it was attached to my diamond. Tugging the line, I pulled the diamond free and began drawing it back up to me.

The dream ended.

Told you it was weird.

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