George Thorofloof & the Delafloof Destroyers

George Thorofloof & the Delafloof Destroyers (floofinition) – Popular and accomplished flooues-based rock group from the Delafloof area of Floofmerica.

In use: “Besides original material such as “Floof to the Bone”, George Thorofloof & the Delafloof Destroyers found record gold with re-invented older material such as “Who Do You Bite”, which didn’t hit the charts, but became known as one of their signature songs.”


Floofmento (floofinition) – Souvenir or keepsake to remember animals.

In use: “He’d bought collars and tags for each cat. They all rejected them, but he kept them as floofmentoes, along with photos of them. They were stored in a small metal box by themselves. Once in a while, privately, he took them out and remembered.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

I was vacuuming yesterday and writing in my head when a song, “You Got Your Troubles”, plugged into the ol’ mental stream. Although I knew the lyrics and melody, looking up the year and artist was required. I guess it was the 1960s but that’s a broad range. Wikipedia informed me that the performing artists were The Fortunes, and it was a hit in 1965, when I was nine. The Fortunes had two other hits that I recognized, so I’m pretty embarrassed that I didn’t know who they are.

“You Got Your Troubles” is a song despairing a romantic breakup. Those words, though, you got your troubles, I’ve got mine, slip nicely into the 2020/2021 maelstrom. ‘Bout the only folks who don’t seem to have troubles are the super wealthy, who are becoming superwealthier as others cope with their troubles. My troubles, of course, aren’t deep. I’m more like a cat who’s dissatisfied with the treat offered to them, or a writer disappointed in how a story is going. Nothing deep or serious, other than irritation that we have an outgoing POTUS living in an alternate reality attempting to drag more in with him. There are trombies who eagerly swim along with him, exclaiming, “Yes, let’s go to the alternate reality and everything will be happy! Give me more Kool Aid.”

Stay positive (as I do, ha, ha), test negative, wear a mask, and vaccinate. Here’s the music.

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